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Stand on one world, look to the next.
Build your website with AI.

Freedom to create

Meet Molly, the machine intelligence designing your site.

She's learning, she’s young, but she’s already designed hundreds of thousands of live web pages. She's experimenting, learning what works, and what doesn’t, 24/7. She’s an extension of thought.

She's quirky, but will never ghost you, never charge more, never miss a deadline, never cower to your demands for a bigger logo, and will strive to create the ultimate online space.

Three months from now she’ll have searched & explored her way through more than 100 billion design decisions. In a couple of years from now… Just wait.

World, meet Molly. AI site design.

Build two sites.
Pay for just one.

The Grid starts @ $96 per year, and with this super sweet offer you’ll get 2 Grid sites on your account (instead of the rather boring singular 1) - think once, deploy twice. That’s a pretty sweet deal. What are you waiting for?

Thank us later.

Save time, focus on content.

Algorithms in our algorithms. The Grid focuses on clever design wrapped around your content. You pick the creative direction, the information available to your site readers, and The Grid figures out how to present it. Responsiveness and good aesthetic are high priority and treated as such. Tablet, desktop, widescreen, phone… Heck, it’d even work in a cinema if we projected it. Redesigning your content as you go is the future of grid-based web design. And with our smart AI, you can get on with the business of content while Molly figures out the presentation. Don’t like it? Hit re-design until she figures you out.

60,000+ members have already boarded this rocketship with more signing up every day.

Design that designs itself.
As unique as you.

Molly’s numbers give you endless possibilities. Like the blanket of stars that cover the night sky, there are infinite variations of your website. They’re beautiful on your web browser and gorgeous on your mobile device. Write once, design ad infinitum.

With The Grid, there is a better way.

Smartphone, meet smart site.

Designing on a desktop is so 2015. Molly is everywhere including inside that powerhouse you call a mobile phone. Inspiration strikes at any time—have the spontaneity to curate your content whilst in motion. You have full access to The Grid on your mobile device.

Break the constraints with tools you’ll actually use.

Have a free domain. On us.
A million choices.

Sign up for The Grid and register a domain for free. You can choose from pretty much any Uniregistry extension and register it for the first year free of charge. We're the get online company™, and we're here to help you do just that.

Get started now

A site as colorful as you.
Pick a color combo you love and watch Molly create more than 200,000 variations. Pick the winner, and done.

Collaborate en-masse
Write in teams for sites that build themselves, written by the group.

Call to Actions, right where needed
The most important pixels on your site. Jump right in and get your audience’s attention.

Responsive responsivity
Content will shine regardless of the device it’s consumed on.

Content import(ant)
Import from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Youtube. In fact, most any social site. Add the link and let Molly figure out the rest.

SEO Optimized
Get found. Molly analyzes your content and ensures you show at the top. Content can finally be king.