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Terms of Use

Uni Email / Postboard

Terms of Use

Revised November 07, 2019

Uni Email and Postboard are services of Uniregistrar Corp. d/b/a Uniregistry.com which provide an email address (Uni Email) and a web presence (Postboard) via an internet domain name selected by you. As a condition of using the Uni Email or Postboard services, you agree to the following terms.

Selection and Management of Domain Names

You are solely responsible for the choice of email address and domain name you decide to use with the services. You may register and manage a domain name for use with the services, or you may select a domain name which we will register and manage on your behalf.

If you choose to have us register and manage a domain name on your behalf, we provide an automated tool suggest domain names and email addresses based on your input. We cannot warrant that the automated suggestions based on your input are free from potential third party claims or rights, such as trade or service marks.

For domain names which you choose to have us register and manage as your proxy and solely for your use of the Uni mail and/or Postboard services, you agree that the domain name registered on your behalf is an incident to the services, is licensed to you solely for such use, and is not a general domain registration service. You agree that we may register the domain name as your proxy, with sole authority to set the proxy registrant, domain contacts, name servers and other domain name registration data, and to perform administrative functions in relation to the domain name, such as contact verification and renewals.

If you would prefer to independently control the domain name which you use for the services, you may first register the name directly at Uniregistry.com and then connect your domain name to the Uni Email or Postboard services.

Your Use of the Services

You warrant that you are above the age of 13, and that the contact information you have provided to us is current and accurate.

You agree to not use the services for any unlawful or abusive purposes, or for any purposes which, as determined solely by us, may disrupt our networks or ability to provide the services. Our provision of the services to you depends, in part, on our ability to maintain internet connectivity and hosting arrangements to all customers of the service. You understand that our connectivity and hosting providers may impose their own limitations on what constitutes unlawful or abusive activities, and that we may be required to take action to comply with the limitations or requirements of such providers.

Such unlawful or abusive purposes include spam, scams, junk mail, bulk emails or unconsented mailing list emails; phishing, distributing malware or viruses; distribution of unlawful, obscene content; cyberstalking, harassment; facilitating trade in narcotics or unlawful distribution of pharmaceuticals; and prostitution or human trafficking. You agree not to use the services for copyright, trademark or other intellectual property infringement.

In the event of a third party claim of liability arising from your use of the service, upon receipt of reasonable evidence of actionable harm, we may notify you of such claim and disclose your contact information to such party to resolve such claim.

You are solely responsible for safekeeping your account and login information, and for ensuring that it is only used by you.

Our Provision of the Services

You agree that we may implement automated controls or filters to prevent the use of your account for prohibited purposes, such as inbound and outbound spam detection and control. Accounts registered or used by automated processes will be terminated.

We may suspend your access to the services to investigate claims of unlawful or abusive use. We may also terminate accounts which we reasonably believe to have engaged in such use. We will notify you, in appropriate circumstances, of third party claims or demands concerning your use of the services, so that you may respond as appropriate. We may, in our discretion, take appropriate action in relation to your use of the services and/or your domain name registration, in order to mitigate potential liability or harm to others. We will further respond and/or implement duly-served subpoenas, warrants or court orders in relation to the services.

We have no duty to provide you with the contents of terminated accounts, to provide data storage above the quota which you have selected, or to provide you with data backup services.

The Uni Email and Postboard services are provided “as is” and we will not be held responsible for any damages to you that may arise as a result of the loss of use, data, or profits as a consequence of failure of the services.

Your Data

We collect personal data from you for the purpose of providing the services, communicating with you about the services, and for enforcing the terms of service, and we retain your data for such time period as may be required to provide the service to you or to resolve claims concerning performance of the service or breach of these terms. We may further access your messages for the purpose of enforcing these terms or diagnosing issues with the service.

By accepting these terms, you also agree to the Uniregistry Privacy Policy.


Payments for the services are non-refundable. In the event of a violation of these terms of service, you forfeit any advance payment or credit for the services. Any fraudulent use of payment instruments will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

You authorize recurring payment for any service plan or offer to which recurring payment applies. You are responsible for keeping payment information up to date and for timely payment of any renewal or subscription fee for the services.

Miscellaneous Terms

We may update these terms from time to time, and will provide notice to you of such updates in advance of their effect. Your continued use of the services shall constitute your consent to such updated terms.

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Cayman Islands. Any dispute arising out of these terms shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the Cayman Islands. Additionally, any action by us to enforce these terms may be brought in the courts of your location.