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Uniregistry Market Brokerage

We represent domain name buyers and sellers that expect results.

Get your domains listed and sold in record time.

Uniregistry has over 12,000,000 domains under management and we've closed over $200,000,000 in sales for our clients. It's a simple formula: we have the expertise and persistence to drive results.

It's free and easy to list your names on the Uniregistry Market. We'll even give you a free consultation and review your domain portfolio on a live call to demonstrate what we can do for you.

Let's start a discussion.

We connect buyers and sellers around the world.

That's why it's important to speak the right language, whatever that may be. Uniregistry has 41 brokers that speak over 14 languages, including English, Spanish, Mandarin, Taiwanese, German, Russian, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, Czech, and Punjabi.

Here's how it works.

Each sales opportunity is assigned to one of our 41 domain brokers depending on the language the broker speaks, the time of day, and the needs of each client. Match that with our state-of-the-art, custom built platform and there is no better value in the domain industry for 15%*.

The best part is it’s free to join. The majority of our clients use our marketplace to sell their own domain names. You can use the same powerful tools our brokers use, for free, and our team is only a call or click away if you need any assistance**.

Using our Brokerage

Flat 15% Commission


Sales platform access
40+ sales team members
Fulfillment services
The Uniregistry Market provides a fast and secure sales platform for buyers and sellers to pay for and transfer domain names. When payment is made, transfers to the buyer's account can happen instantly.
Multi-language sales landing pages
14 languages, phone & email support
The audience for your domain names shouldn't be limited to the language you speak. Uniregistry has brokers that speak English, Spanish, Chinese, Taiwanese, Mandarin, German, Afrikaans, Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi.
2:00AM-10:00PM broker coverage
Domains are a global industry, and working around time zone differences can lose deals. Our brokerage team is online 20 hours every day in order to provide service to our clients around the world.
Free appraisals
(With qualified inquiry)
Free domain portfolio consultations
Buy It Now landing pages (15%)
Not everyone wants to monetize their parked domain names. Uniregistry can host a landing page advertising the availability of a name, and forward interested buyers to an inquiry form.
Domains included in search results
We will display your name in the main search results at Uniregistry.com when a user searches something relevant regarding your domain names.
Toll-free & international calling on all domains
Escrow.com integration
Escrow.com is the world's largest online escrow service provider. For a modest fee, they act as a trusted settlor between buyer and seller, keeping both the money and the name safe until both parties are satisfied.

Get started now.

Our team is your greatest resource.

The Uniregistry Market Brokerage has spent years assembling the best team in the industry. We have domain industry veterans, marketing specialists, transfer specialists, foreign language speakers, and more.

Jeffrey M. Gabriel
Vice President of Sales

Dan Adamson
Director of Sales

Wade Smith
Senior Domain Broker

Andrew Mathias
Senior Domain Broker

Brooke N. Hernandez
Senior Domain Broker

Paul Mullen
Senior Domain Broker

Vincent Baker
Domain Broker

Jessica Ebanks
Domain Broker

Mohammed Khan
Domain Broker

Drew Zarczynski
Domain Broker

Craig Hernandez
Domain Broker

Alan Crowe
Domain Broker

Ken Kenney
Domain Broker

Matt Rosebrook
Domain Broker

Rob Watson
Domain Broker

Peter McHugh
Domain Broker

Bobby Wilson
Domain Broker

Jenny Chen
Domain Broker

Ran Cui
Domain Broker

Helki Weber
Transfer Manager

Louis Pickthall
Domain Broker

Ian Garner
Domain Broker

Jon Chernoff
Domain Specialist

Chris Aguilar
Domain Broker

Stephen Mathias
Domain Broker

Wesley Martin
Domain Broker

Jason White
Domain Broker

Arif Sengoren
Domain Broker

Matthew Holden
Business Development

Natalia Wilson
Domain Broker

Mert Kantaroglu
Domain Specialist

David Allen
Domain Specialist

Stephanie Gillies
Domain Specialist

Joe Wright
Domain Specialist

Kay Iakovou
Domain Broker

Kris Hou
Domain Broker

Martin Cote
Domain Specialist

Alex Sharkov
Domain Broker

Apolo O'Lalobo
Domain Broker

Sebastian Nehme
Domain Broker

Stephen Coon
Domain Specialist

Tom Aughton
Domain Specialist

Customer Support

Jordan Fox Seales
Customer Support Manager

Judy Singh
Director of Compliance

Cristiano Lopes
Customer Support Supervisor

Ryan McTaggert
Senior Customer Support Representative

Joana Oliveira
Customer Support Representative

Kirsty Gregory
Customer Support Representative

Keiron Tobin
Customer Support Representative

Rashad Rankin
Customer Support Representative

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* 15% or $175.00, whichever is greater.
** Entry into Uniregistry Market syndication or custom solutions requires a 20% commission or $175.00 commission, whichever is greater per sale.