You Never Know


Domain names are so unique and interesting that you never know what can happen when you own one. Domains are globally reaching, powerful, and take up no physical space. Around 358 Million of them are currently registered and owned by someone around the world.

You can literally buy a domain name today for a random or specific reason and potentially sell it tomorrow due to somebody's interest in ownership of it. People buy domain names for a vast amount of reasons, every day.

Domains can be purchased from past owners, in expired auctions or newly registered.

Supply and demand

Since domain names are all one-of-a-kind, each domain name owner sits in a very unique position with ownership. Very unique! If somebody really wants something or needs something, the price can be adjusted to fill the need or want. Just because you may have paid a specific investment today, doesn’t mean that somebody else isn’t willing to pay you more for it tomorrow. That cycle can continue as well.

Since there is only one, they really only have one best option.

  • Maybe it’s a catchy term
  • Maybe it’s a funny term that makes an interesting brand name
  • Maybe it’s a common term
  • Maybe it’s something your kid says
  • Maybe it’s something you read in the news

New terms are created all the time and that term may have never been registered as a domain name before, ever. It happens.

Domain names expire and expiry auctions take place daily. Some domains become available to register again that were taken before. Each and every day presents new opportunities with domain names. New interest from other parties that didn’t exist before. New businesses started. New hopes and dreams.

Good names, a bit of luck, and good fortune all play a factor in most domain sales. The more common the term, the more common the TLD, the higher the chances of demand from others. Creating an easy path for the two parties to connect is helpful.

Maybe not the first day you take ownership, maybe not the first week or the first month but it does happen. A lot of domain names are bought and sold every day, and you never know what can happen when you own one.

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