Why I Decided to Write and Consult for Uni


Since starting to dabble in domain names in 2006, I have seen a lot of things in regards to domain names, auction services, domain brokerage, the industry itself and really everything in regards to domain names. It was a hobby.

Fast forward many years, and it’s now my profession.

Profession. What does that mean anyway? It means I make a living by providing my domain name consulting services to Uni and others. It’s all that I do. I focus on domain names and use my experiences, knowledge, and research to provide helpful services to companies. I live, breath and lose sleep over domain names!

When I launched my blog, DotWeekly.com, like many other publications, it’s a tough row to hoe. There are only so many advertising dollars within the industry, and the site, in general, made little money. I really love the domain name industry and domain names, so I simply continued on and provided the data for the greater good of the growing domain industry.

I see many problems and general improvements that would be great for the domain industry as a whole, buyers, and sellers. I have a great ambition to bring many of these improvements to the mainstream and working with Uni greatly helps this mission.

Houston, we have a problem! An anomaly. Something needs to be done about it.

Domain Sales!

The lifeblood of the domain industry. The drive that keeps domain name owners excited.

What’s the anomaly you may ask? Your options for selling your domain names! Hear me out, you may agree or disagree, but that’s okay.

The reality is, GoDaddy/Afternic and Sedo are currently your two mainstream options for selling domain names.  Both services have a high focus on their syndicated sales systems, Afternic DLS and SedoMLS. Both are similar to the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) in the real estate world. You list something for sale in one place; it is broadcasted on other third party websites (that are included).

The biggest problem with these systems in the domain industry? You’re forced to set a buy it now to be “included.” That’s not good. Large portfolios are a task to keep updated with pricing, what has been sold, not renewed, new additions, listed multiple places etc. It is a mess. (not to mention the push of automated appraisals, which is leading to many undersold assets due to the inaccuracy of the automated appraisals and customers trusting them as a good sales price)

If you think about how these MLS systems work in the domain world, they rely on somebody visiting a domain name registrar (it has to be one of the MLS/DLS registrars) and exactly type in your domain name. You have a slight chance of being displayed if somebody types something close or similar to your domain.

When was the last time you went to a domain registrar and typed a good/great domain to see if it was “available” to register? I know I haven’t for years. I visit the domain name directly to see what’s on it. Is it for sale? How is it used etc? I'm a realist and know that the common saying of "all the good ones are gone" is true. The vast amount of valuable domain names are registered and owned by somebody already.

MLS / DLS offering is not my thing. It is problematic. You’re forced to set a buy now, or you’re not included.

What you should want!

An experienced team to SELL your domains. Maximize your sale. Not only the best of the best domains, all of them. Educate, groom, share real-life information, experienced, understand the buyer, speak their language, be available when they inquire and much more. That’s what Uniregistry Brokerage does! They are hustlers. They have the experience. The drive. The grit. The experience. They do this all for free and only make money when you succeed with a sale.

The problem? Not many know about Uniregistry Brokerage.

Not anymore!

The reason I took on the task to consult and write for Uni is because I think Uniregistry Brokerage is the best overall option for domain owners. The system is unique, tested, and tuned but could be better. It will improve and we will be trying a lot of new things. Little things make significant differences, and that’s what I’m focused on. I’m an open, and honest person. I’ve always shared as much as I could and that will continue. I’m here on this earth to help people, and I will continue to do just that.

Use the Uni system to the fullest. List your domains for sale AND set name servers to resolve the Uni for sale landing page to capture the leads. Let the professional sales brokers do their thing. Let the system work! Don't settle for a "platform" to "sell" your domain names, choose a professional sales team and service to sell your domain names!

If you want to give your sales commissions away, you have every right to do that. If you want to pay for a service and still do all the work to sell your domain, you can do that. If you want to see what happens when someone earns their commission, I’d suggest you use Uniregistry Brokerage to its fullest. There is a reason why Uniregistry Brokerage has a median sale price of over $7,500 USD. That's median, not average. It is $3,500 USD per domain when you add in their BIN sales. The competitors do not share their median numbers. If they did, it would be MUCH lower than that. There is a reason they accomplished over $50 Million in domain name sales in 2018 with a smaller set of inventory. The Uniregistry Brokerage team are professional sellers, with a proven system that works.

So, why am I consulting and writing for Uni? I truly think that the current mainstream options to sell your domain names is NOT the best option you have. It's my job to make you aware of this and educate you on why this is. Maximizing your sale should always be your choice. You shouldn’t feel forced to do something to be included. If somebody wants to buy your domain name, 9 times out of 10 they will visit the domain name directly to see what’s on it. If you resolve the Uni for sale lander, that lead is going to be captured and you will have a motivated, experienced, professional sales team that is 100% working for you to maximize your profits. This isn’t being offered any place else, to the volume that Uni can handle.

I’m deeply passionate about the domain industry and I’m also deeply passionate about you learning from and trusting me. I’m here to voice my opinion. You dealing with back and forth offers using a platform, then having to pay that platform a commission isn’t the answer. If you’re not a sales professional, selling your domains on your own isn’t just time-consuming, it’s not your best option. Being forced to place a buy it now to be included isn’t the answer either. Having a professional sales team on your side that will handle every aspect of negotiations is the answer. That answer is Uniregistry Brokerage and I am hopeful that you will consider giving it a try. Create a free account today, list your domain names, set the name servers and see what happens.

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