Uniregistry Brokerage: The Domain Seller is Your Silent Business Partner


Companies are registering domain names all the time, seeking to baptize their brands and products.

Marketing departments worth their salary paycheck perform extensive analysis of data, such as search engine trends and numbers, before they zero in on a particular domain name.

By now, you know the most likely result: that domain of primary choice, is most likely already taken. With more than 140 million .com domains in existence, there is a strong likelihood that the domain is also up for sale.

Back at the corporate HQ, a few more meetings take place to ensure that funds are locked in to pursue the domain name's acquisition, and to create an approach and strategy.

Calls are placed and emails are sent out; perhaps by a third party proxy buyer whose task is to make first contact with the seller, providing a curtain of anonymity to their client. The response arrives, and the company has yet another meeting to discuss their options.

Perhaps the numbers came back much higher than expected. Quite often, the company assumes their product or service is unique, that no-one could have possibly come to the same idea, matching a virgin product or service with words that became a domain name. Or, the response was negative, due to a variety of disclosed or undisclosed reasons. So should the company seeking the domain move to negotiate further with the domain's seller?

That is the point when a great corporate strategy on domain acquisitions delivers successful results, as opposed to a knee-jerk reaction to the domain seller's initial response.

A company that treats the domain's seller as a silent business partner, stands way more chances of achieving a deal.

A silent partner is essentially an important pillar for the company's success, working for the goals set forth by all those branding meetings. And yet, many companies fail to realize that, treating instead the domain owner as a "pest" or an impediment to the product's success.

By communicating to the seller the importance of their domain, as opposed to negating, demeaning, and devaluing the domain asset they are selling, a company's officers can be in control of the negotiation's strategic balance and outcome.

Many domain sellers want to know what will their domain be used for. They understand the market's nuances and appreciate a business-like approach based on respectful communications.

They are willing to accept payment based on a number of valuation factors, that might be negotiable. The worst approach for a company is to talk down on the asset they are trying to acquire, or engage with the domain seller in a manner that is disrespectful, arrogant, and combative.

Domain sellers provide a product and service that was acquired via a combination of time and financial cost, sometimes quite substantial. These domains did not just happen to register themselves. Many domain investors treat domain names as unfinished projects, with a future date of delivery. Some, do have a more concrete project in mind, and often proceed with several stages of development.

At the Uni Market, buyers and sellers often interact directly, through the communication forms; other times, they utilize the services of the very skilled Uniregistry Brokerage team.

Uniregistry Brokers are experienced, and can serve both parties well, with the ultimate goal of closing a sale at a mutually acceptable price. What they do particularly well, is to ensure both parties are mutually respected, and in understanding that it's a business exchange, where a digital asset changes hands for - well - digital money.

Conclusion: Companies that treat their domain asset provider with a business mindset and as an important brand partner, can achieve a fair price for the domain, and engage in time-saving communications without unnecessary aggravation.

The role of the Uniregistry Brokerage team is to deliver a smooth, pleasant, and mutually acceptable business transaction, benefiting both the domain buyer and the domain seller.

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