Uniregistry and Intercap Registry Proclaim Successful Launch of .inc TLD


NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., May 7, 2019 / -- Uniregistry Inc., a global leader in Registry services, in partnership with Intercap Registry Inc., celebrated today the General Availability of the new .inc Top Level Domain (TLD) after a successful Sunrise and EAP. The .inc domain is being adopted by companies across multiple industries for corporate sites, newsrooms, investor relations pages, employee portals and more.

Intercap Registry's decision to partner with Uniregistry as its Registry Backend Services Provider followed a competitive procurement process through which Intercap Registry evaluated several leading providers in the field.

"Our procurement process focused on selecting a provider with robust technical capabilities while holding itself to the highest operational standards, combined with outstanding personnel and the ability to deliver on strategic and innovative goals. Compared to established players, Uniregistry provided the best value based on our objective criteria and requirements. Their ability to take care of all aspects of running the extension, from the Registry platform to an integrated Registrar allowing direct sales, was exactly what we needed to focus on the core of our project. Choosing Uniregistry was an easy decision," explains David Cochran, managing director at Intercap Registry. 

Uniregistry has emerged as a leader in the Backend Services Industry due to its innovative and comprehensive TLD Operator solution, backed by capabilities to take care of all aspects of domain name use, development and management under one roof. Enjoying a 100 percent up-time across its TLDs, Uniregistry operates an accredited Registrar alongside a state-of-the-art Registry platform that supports value-added products based on patent-pending technologies.

An agile and experienced team, with years of experience marketing TLDs allows Uniregistry to facilitate a direct connection to every major registrar in the world, ranging from the corporate domain providers to the largest retail providers, as was demonstrated during the successful launch of .inc. Additionally, any .inc domain registered could also benefit from Uniregistry's secondary market team of experienced brokers and be listed on its domain name marketplace that has sold over $250 million in domains. This unparalleled mix of expertise and hands-on experience from industry veterans puts Uniregistry in a unique position to support TLD owners from the initial concept all the way to the actual operation, including mobilizing its dedicated staff to help partners set-up and staff their Registry.  

"We are pleased to work in partnership with Intercap Registry to help facilitate the development and adoption of .inc around the globe and look forward to supporting additional TLDs who stand to benefit tremendously through the utilization of our Backend Services and the innovative tools created in-house by our multi-faceted team," explains Kanchan Mhatre, COO of Uniregistry.

With General Availability starting today, Uniregistry looks forward to an additional surge of interest from its Registrar partners and their business clients.

About Uniregistry Corp.

Since its inception in 2012, Uniregistry, an operator of 26 TLDs, has also gained a reputation as an exemplary Backend Provider focused on enabling TLDs around the globe to increase the value of their extensions. Whether working for the Registry, the Back End, the Registrar or the Marketplace, a dedicated team of 125+ industry experts collaborate daily to fulfill Frank Schilling's vision of providing customers the necessary tools of the domain trade under one roof. Visit www.uniregistry.com for more details.

About .inc

Launched on March 27, 2019, .inc is the domain ending that means business. With member benefits from industry-leading brands like LegalZoom, WeWork, Square, Google Ads and Delta Air Lines included, .inc is a comprehensive solution for businesses of all sizes. Visit www.get.inc for more details.

About Intercap Registry Inc.

Intercap Registry Inc. owns and operates leading internet media businesses with a vision of building long term value, trust, and credibility. Intercap Registry Inc. is launching .inc as the domain ending that means business.

SOURCE Uniregistry

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