Tips for Sorting Domain Lists in Excel


Being a domain name investor will require you to play around with domain name lists, often in Microsoft Excel. You will find that many domain name lists are to the north of 100,000 domains, with the daily "Pending Delete" lists hovering around that number. Most auction and aftermarket services offer domain name lists in Excel in .XLS and .CSV formats that allow you to download and process the data as you see fit.

I personally think it's important that you play around and sort domains with personal tools and potentially add data to the domains to assist with your sorting needs when looking for the diamonds in the rough. If I could provide one early suggestion to new domain investors, find a quick and easy way to sort large domain name lists to locate the good ones. You will look through a lot of big domain name lists in your domain name hunts!

Last year I upgraded my work computer to a gaming PC with 32GB of RAM with a 3700X Ryzen processor and it can fly through a list of 1M domains in Excel at the snap of my fingers. It's pretty impressive and a big flex compared to the spinning wheel I was so use to seeing when loading in a large list of domain names prior, so just be aware that some big lists may give your computer a workout. I'm going to show you a video in a minute with a screencast I made to help show a couple small tricks I use in Microsoft Excel to help sort and play around with domain name lists. This often involves cutting and extracting specific sections of the list.

If you are going to invest in domain names, you will want to get good at sorting domain names out of bigs lists and my plan is to help you with that. I'm a rookie at making these videos. No editing, and the program I used limited me to only 5 minutes so I would have liked showing you more, but I specifically wanted to show you two things to start with:

The big take away from the video is the Shift+Ctrl+Home function that allows you to highlight rows or columns from the current point in an Excel list, to the top. In the past, I used to highlight and keep my finger on the left mouse button and keep scrolling until I got to the top or started at the top and dragged all the way down until I got to the point I wanted to stop and highlight. Yuck, that wasn't fun! Shift+Ctrl+Home is so much easier and quicker! I hope it helps you out.

The other highlight is the Ctrl+F function. I use this function A LOT and much more so outside of Excel even. I use it on web pages, in documents and more. I also use it to see keyword density (how many times a keyword is used) on a specific web page or in a press release for an example.

I have several more domain name filtering tools, tips, and tricks that I am hoping I can share with you soon. I am in the process of getting approval to share an inexpensive 3rd party software that I feel every domain investor should be using. It's versatile and amazing! I hope to bring you that and some more tips and tricks to make this a series. I am also looking into more screen capture programs to use so I can do this more often.

The information contained in this blog is provided for general informational purposes about domains. It is not specific advice tailored to your situation and should not be treated as such.

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