The Quest for the Best Domain Name


Being honest with yourself based on truth is an important aspect in life. As humans, our ultimate quest is for love and happiness. It’s not fame and fortune. It’s not perfection. It’s not popularity. It’s not a pristine social status.

It’s happiness!

It’s not about following others and doing as they do because it appears that they are happy because of it. This appearance becomes an assumption and is often far from the truth.

It’s about you! It’s about you being happy because you made yourself happy based on your actions. Not because of others and their actions.

Happiness is the true quest in our life here on earth and it starts with you.

I haven’t always thought that way and thankfully a kind soul in my life has educated and opened my eyes to it. I was a negative person for a long time and it was because I was focused on perfection and pleasing others.

I searched for happiness in perfection, which is almost nearly impossible to achieve for anybody. I lacked empathy for others and the situations they were in. I bent the truth to make myself look better. I tried looking good to appease others, without being happy looking in the mirror first.

Truth wins.

Happiness wins.

But Jamie, your title says the quest for the best domain name, why haven’t you talked about domain names yet?

Because I want you to think about you! Your happiness. The truth in your life and what truly matters to you.

When you find it, you will know it and your quest for the best domain name is complete.

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