The New Uni Market: What's New, What's Next?


With the release of our latest version comes a list of over 50 significant improvements to help our clients sell more with less effort. Our main objective was to address the key pain points our existing brokerage service clients. As a secondary objective, we also re-engineered the user experience to be as simple as possible. With both these objectives completed, we believe we have the framework to more aggressively innovate in future releases.

More specifically, with this release our main objectives were:

  • Improve the communication between the brokerage team and its existing clients.
  • Provide bulk tools allowing users to configure their domain settings whether they have 10 names or a million. This will help you have more control over your names.
  • Provide a level of customization for clients of the brokerage service.
  • Draw attention to accounts without payout profiles set to ensure we can do payouts quickly.
  • Simplify the user experience for new users wanting to leverage the services of our brokerage team.
  • Redesign the overall architecture of the platform so that it will scale better.

The first thing existing users will notice when logging into the new Market is the new interface, which has been rearranged and optimized to work better with how you handle leads. After a short bit of use, you’ll see that all the features you need are there and more intuitive than before.

We’ve also prepared a number of knowledge base articles to get you up to speed. Each provides a step-by-step guide in using the new interface:

What does this all mean? It means we’ve set the framework for faster iteration and development. Our upcoming schedule of releases will be more brisk and deliver features that will drive change in the industry and more dramatically improve your ability to sell your names.

We are excited for the next steps and invite you to contact us with questions, suggestions or general feedback. We’ll be reaching out soon.

Enter the new Market

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