The Evolution of the Domain Search Box and Afternic DLS Network


It wasn’t long ago that the domain name search box at a domain registrar only told you if a domain name was available to register or if someone already owned it. That was it, win or lose.

Thankfully, modern domain searches at domain registrars is far more powerful and helpful today. They still tell you if a domain name is available to register or not but now the results are far more robust and will often display if a related or exact domain name is for sale, related domain names available in different TLDs, buyer broker options, and much more.

The combination of the modern search results and what is presented are always being finely tuned and thankfully now include aftermarket domain names being offered for sale by their domain name owners, right in the registrar stream. This was a big deal when it started and continues to be a difference maker.

What the heck is the registrar stream?

Essentially, when a domain registrar customer performs a domain search, what is displayed as the results are the registrar stream. If a domain name is listed for sale via Uniregistry and includes a list price/buy now, the domain name will be distributed into the Afternic DLS Network. If somebody were to search that exact domain name at a Afternic DLS partner’s registrar like, it will be displayed for sale with a buy now price to the person who performed the search with a buy now button and pricing.

Why does that matter?

Trust is a huge deal when making any online purchase. For an example, maybe you have used a specific domain name registrar ever since the dawn of the internet. You make purchases and fully trust it. You likely already have payment details in place and would like to have your domain names registered at this registrar if you were to buy it. When an Afternic DLS (fast transfer qualified via a premium network registrar) listed domain name is presented based on a search, this is a reality.

The buyer likely has little knowledge that the domain name may be registered at a “different” registrar than the one they are searching. When they make payment and the domain appears in their account right away, it was like they just registered it in the olden days. Easy payment, instant access to the domain name at the buyer’s registrar of choice. That’s it.

Priceless is the Afternic DLS Network!

The Afternic DLS is a partner network that contains 120 domain registrars around the world, which includes 18 of the top 20 domain registrars. Not all TLD’s qualify and currently are (.com, .net, .org, .co, .info or .biz).

Personally, I can’t think of a bigger difference maker in the domain name aftermarket than the Afternic DLS. It is so powerful due to the vast size of the network, which yields 75 million monthly search queries. With results being provided at a trusted source (the registrar the consumer searched at) it highly reduces the anxiety of purchasing a digital product from an unknown brand. The domain seller and buyer have a hands-off approach to the domain transfer, with it all taking place automatically.

Just as the domain name search has evolved over the years, thankfully services like the Afternic DLS Network have been established to help drive domain name aftermarket results in the perfect spot, at the perfect time.

No need for a potential buyer to see “domain taken” and absolutely no further guidance. That was the olden days and the reality of those who do not use the Afternic DLS or adjust domains for sale that fit within the requirements of the DLS, like buy now pricing, qualifying TLDs and partner registrar.

It truly is an empty feeling seeing “taken” and nothing else you can do or are presented.

Thanks to advancements in domain name search at registrars and the amazing Afternic DLS, that empty feeling of only seeing “domain taken” happens much less than before and it results in many aftermarket domain sales.

If you are a Uniregistry customer and wish to add your domain names to the Afternic DLS, this Uniregistry Help page will guide you along. A partial list of Afternic DLS premium network domain registrars is here to view, if you are not a Uniregistry customer to see if your domain may qualify.

The information contained in this blog is provided for general informational purposes about domains. It is not specific advice tailored to your situation and should not be treated as such.

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