How Does Our Brokerage Deal With Confused Buyers?


A domain name seller can experience something that is very frustrating and time consuming: a confused person filling out a contact form intended for an actual domain name buyer to discuss the purchase of a domain name.

When the form is filled out by a confused "buyer," the initial feeling for the seller is that a potential buyer has been in contact. That feeling can be washed away, along with your time when later figuring out the inquiry was from a confused person.

Having a fish on the line is exciting. Having the line snap is not, and it feels that way when an inquiry comes in and a confused “buyer” is behind that inquiry. Sometimes it can take several phone calls and emails to confirm that situation.

Thankfully, utilizing Uniregistry’s Brokerage service allows you to remove that frustration and wasted time because the brokers deal with it for you. To me, that is worth the cost of the sales commission alone but thankfully the professional brokerage team at Uniregistry can handle all the inquires and so much more for you!

Uniregistry will always follow up on inquiries no matter what, and they will be sure the person inquiring is really interested in the domain name or not. If, during this process, it is discovered that the inquirer wasn’t actually interested in purchasing the domain name, the brokerage client simply sees a label message indicating this within the brokerage inquires section of your Uniregistry account.

By visiting the Market tab on and then clicking Brokered Inquiries/All Inquiries, the brokerage client will see a Status column. If a status of “Ignored” is displayed for example, that doesn’t mean the brokerage team simply ignored the inquiry; it was just discovered after confirmation that the incoming query was that of confused nature.

If you see a domain inquiry that holds a status of “Ignored”, you can further drill down for more info by clicking on the domain name in the All Inquiries list. Then look in the Summary window for the Labels:


The labels should provide you with a clear picture of the situation. In the above image, the status showed “Ignored”. When I clicked the domain, the Labels tell me that the inquiry came in the form of the domains Uniregistry for sale page (Natural Traffic). It was a Rare Inquiry because the person's information didn’t produce a match in Uniregistry’s database of customers. After some discovery by the brokerage team, it was determined the inquirer was simply "Confused" and didn’t intend to purchase the domain name. The confusion was confirmed by the Magic Follow-Up.

If the “Confused” label is replaced with “Garbage” and “ignored” is “spam” it is likely that the contact form was filled in by a bot with links or verbiage indicating that they were not interested in the domain name purchase in any way.

The Label system was created as a form of easy communication between the broker and client. If you are not sure what a specific label means, simply hover over the label and a small pop-up style window will give a brief description of it.

Overall, I personally enjoy and appreciate the label system within Uniregistry Brokerage. It gets to the point. I also appreciate the fact that the domain name brokerage team deals with many more situations than on the surface and dealing with confused “buyers” is certainly one of those. Although confused “buyers” continue to be a general nuisance, thankfully Uniregistry Brokerage clients do not have to worry about it and the time it consumes.

The information contained in this blog is provided for general informational purposes about domains. It is not specific advice tailored to your situation and should not be treated as such.

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