The Best Domain Name Filtering Software with Dictionary Filtering?


I think I found the best domain name filtering software, and I am sharing it with you! I have long looked for a solution to filter HUGE domain name lists to display the good stuff. Something that can make the tools you use differ from others is a dictionary-based filter. Even more so if you custom create the dictionary you use.

Domain investors utilize raw/full domain lists because they provide options and the use of custom tools. Daily expired domain auction inventory at GoDaddy Auctions and PendingDelete lists are examples to utilize these domain tools for.

I have created an explainer video talking about the software, which has a lifetime fee of only $59 dollars. Keep in mind that I'm new to video blogging, so it takes me a little while to get going and feel a bit more comfortable talking to myself. I also did a tiny bit of editing, which I'm just starting to learn. I will try to improve on length, clarity, and editing, but my main point is the software and a bit of general overview on how to use it—best watched in full screen.

The domain filtering software is called Domain Name Filter Pro by Domain Punch. I am not affiliated with the software, I just wanted to share it with you to make you aware of it. I use it and really enjoy it.

One thing that you may have noticed in the video when I was sorting the lists (11:04) is that a "good domain" like Vord .com wasn't in the final sorted list (list-003). It's important to keep in mind if a "word" isn't in your dictionary, it won't be in the final list after you run the dictionary tool. Vord is not in my dictionary. I will often run different sorting options with domain length only to help prevent missing a domain like Vord that would include short domains of 2-4 characters only. In that case, I would have noted Vord because it is a good domain. It is important that you understand your tool and exactly how it functions to get the best results.

Since sorting the lists in different ways only takes seconds, it will become pretty common for you to run specific types of scans and filters to build a final list. Even though the dictionary tool isn't the perfect solution, it is one of the best options with a great custom dictionary.

Here are a few resources to help you build your own custom dictionary if you choose to use the software and don't wish to use the default version that comes with it.

I hope those resources help you build a great dictionary. It is YOUR dictionary, so make it the way you want it and how it can help you the most. The main goal is for the tool to help you save time, find good domains and expand your choices beyond what everybody else uses, which is mainly

I truly feel that software like Domain Name Filter Pro and specifically its dictionary filtering capacity with custom dictionary options provide you an amazing solution to filtering raw domain name lists. The more you understand the tool and what its capabilities are, the less time you need to spend wading through long domain lists.

I'm open to suggestions for future videos. Do you want to see me in them? Do you like the “explainer” type videos? What would help you the most? I tried not to ramble and to provide enough info to use the software, but I would like the videos to be shorter than this. Ah, the joys of learning new things!

The information contained in this blog is provided for general informational purposes about domains. It is not specific advice tailored to your situation and should not be treated as such.

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