Stubborn Sellers: Why is the Uniregistry Brokerage Worth the 15% Commission?


The commercialization of the Internet in the 1990's introduced domain names to the masses. Early adopters registered domains with the intent to develop, build out brands, or simply because they sounded cool.

Eventually, it became evident that domain names can be valuable assets that can be resold, and the only thing that separates seller and buyer is the price.

Using a domain broker isn't the first thing that comes to mind, whether you are a domain investor intentionally or a private person that has been holding onto an asset that appreciated with time.

Domains are often compared, in analogy, to real estate, but unlike domain names, selling real estate almost certainly involves using a Realtor who acts as a selling agent. It's an expected middle person that allows the real estate industry to operate in a consistent fashion, leveraging billions of dollars annually.

Uniregistry has established a great reputation for training its brokers, using a custom-designed domain management platform and system. Before Domain Name Sales and the Uniregistry Market opened to the public, that system was tested and used internally. It's an extensive machine that leverages proven models of selling valuable domain assets, cross-referencing information on past sales, and valuates domains by crunching existing data.

No matter how confident I feel about a domain sale, I've used the professional services of the Uniregistry domain brokers since I first joined the DNS platform in 2012. I witnessed the consistency in their approach and even improved my own angle at responding to customers and dealing with potential buyers and leads. In other words, I learned a few tricks from the best!

Yes, there are times that attempting to sell a domain name on your own is simply an act of stubbornness. It's a feeling of being overly confident, ignoring the many benefits of using the services of a multi-lingual, assertive, and experienced domain brokerage team.

The Uniregistry Market platform is always improving. What makes data useful isn't a database of past sales, traffic or notes. It's the people that take the data and shape them into conversations that will lead to a sale and that's the key in every successful negotiation.

So are you a stubborn seller?

There's no need to waste time and effort chasing a domain lead that could easily be tackled by someone else, while you focus on other aspects of your business. Delegating tasks is a key element in any successful business and venture.

By paying the 15% commission for the services provided by Uniregistry Brokerage, I receive several benefits at once:

  • My time is spent constructively on something else. I could be at the beach drinking beer, but the truth is that I spend my time to research keyword trends, register domains, and perform many other aspects of my business.
  • The Uniregistry brokers are intelligently trained. They are men and women professionals with a passion for working for the seller; sometimes the buyer is also a Uniregistry customer, which can make them ideal for closing on a deal quickly.
  • Domain brokers at Uniregistry are very familiar with the buyer's psychology. Nobody wants to spend money on a domain, but they can be convinced to, when the sales pitch is great.
  • Uniregistry has established itself as one of the top domain marketplaces globally. Their proven track record of sales speaks for itself, and they do so by being persistent, consistent, and most importantly, polite. I know, because I tend to get out of line with some of the inquiries when I handle them personally.
  • Revisiting inquiries is one of the many tasks a Uniregistry broker is great at. The scheduling system, and personal ownership of domain inquiries can help unlock sales, weeks or months later. Can you be equally diligent in doing that?
  • Uniregistry employs intelligent people that speak many languages, and thus able to engage with domain buyers in their native language.

So is it worth to pay 15% of your domain's asking price to Uniregistry by utilizing its brokers?


For starters, it's almost certain that the sale will occur at a higher price point than your intended asking price, when a Uniregistry broker is involved to negotiate on your behalf. It's all about analyzing the buyer's psychology and pricing domain names as valuable assets. You won't be leaving money on the table, in fact you will most likely be making 10% - 20% on top of your asking price, by allowing the brokers to handle the transaction. You can always lower a high asking price, but it's almost certain you can't increase a low one.

Don't have the stomach to deal with a buyer in person?

Even if your negotiation skills are great, to maximize your return on investment (ROI) these skills better be top-notch. Save your stomach from acid reflux and flush out all anxiety; the Uniregistry Brokerage team knows how to deal with buyers that can be cocky, rude, ignorant, or aggressive. They are experienced in deflecting negative statements and can reverse the buyer's sentiments. I've personally witnessed them turn a no-sale situation into a successful sale swiftly.

Conclusion: At the end of the day, you want to celebrate with a great domain sale, kick back, and replicate these results week after week. Don't just be a stubborn domain name seller, and give the Uniregistry Brokerage team a try you will be pleasantly surprised.

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