Strategic Domain Registrations : Adding Keywords to your Brand


Getting the right domain is only the beginning of a long relationship. Achieve that part, and you're embarking on a journey that will hopefully create a brand and a business.

After acquiring the right domain name, it's time to strengthen its footprint online. Some entrepreneurs will stop at getting the matching social media handles, but that's not the end of the road.

Strategic domain registrations and acquisitions go further than that, and it's an important process in order to add related keywords to your brand.

Consider your domain as the generator of your business fame and revenue. Whether you provide services or create products, your primary domain provides growth to your business.

As your primary identity, it will benefit from associated identities. That's where these additional domain names come in.

For example, if your brand is Remarkable Widgets, with the matching .com, plan out an attack on existing or available keywords.

You can make a list of action words that attach to the brand: Get, buy, just, find, and so forth.

Now you can begin combining the strongest keywords to form long tail domain names that target the products alongside your brand:,, - and so on.

What are the benefits of such a keyword expansion?

First and foremost, you are keeping the primary structure of your brand, which is the "Remarkable Widgets" pair of words. Secondly, by using actionable words you don't splice up your brand, as they indicate the direction it's heading to, particularly if the words form a phrase consumers use to locate such products.

Lastly, you are enabling the direct reference to your brand's product availability, and you can also keep competition away from registering domains that contain your brand, in a series of defensive domain registrations.

If your brand's domain is not a descriptive keyword but a brandable, such as, and your products are hats, pens, and shirts, it makes sense to register,, and, along with the main brand domain.

By doing so, you are identifying the products alongside your brand, just like thousands of global companies do when they create products or provide services. This process enables your capability to register your brand as a trademark, further strengthening it via its association to the products and services it provides.

When it comes down to presenting content to your customers, keep your sidekick domains separate; do not just forward them to a page of your main domain. Build a portal presenting the particular branded products or services, and link back to your main brand's web site. This way you are increasing brand visibility in the search engines, and actually gain SEO "juice" from serving distinct content.

Conclusion: Your primary domain is the main entrance to your brand. Enhance your presence by supporting it with strategically registered—or acquired—domain names. You can search the Uni Market inventory to find the perfect domain name for your needs.

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