Sell More Domains, Jump Into The Stream


Today I wanted to add to a series of other articles I've written before: Ways to increase your chances of selling your domain name.

In case you missed those earlier articles, the first one covers what your domain name resolves to; essentially, your “for sale” page. This can be a Uniregistry lead capture form as I explained here. This should be Step #1 as a best practice.

I believe that if somebody is interested in purchasing a domain name, they will visit the domain name directly and see what is presented. "Is there a contact form? Is the domain developed?" and so on. This is a vital time for you, the seller, since you allow the potential buyer to act at that point.

If the potential buyer isn’t presented with something welcoming, isn’t comfortable for some reason, or doesn't see a purchase option to acquire the domain name, a potential next step for the buyer is to use a trusted domain name registrar to search for the domain they are interested in. As a domain owner, there is no way to know which trusted domain name registrar they will pick, but it matters.

Hello Afternic DLS to the rescue!

What is Afternic DLS, and why should it matter to you? When Uni was acquired by GoDaddy in early 2020, the very first thing that was changed at Uniregistry was access to Afternic DLS. This means that qualified domain names registered at Uni can be included in the Afternic DLS stream if the domain owner chooses. There are some restrictions, like Buy It Now pricing and specific TLDs, but if we focus on .com domains and you have a sales price in mind you would be happy with, (let’s say $10K or under) I think utilizing Afternic DLS is a great option.

Why does it matter?

Afternic DLS is built on partnerships through a vast network. Sounds fancy but it’s effective in many ways that you couldn’t do on your own and that’s where it makes sense for you as a customer to use it to your advantage. Understanding the process is the important part.

Let's say your potential buyer is and has been a long time customer at Google. They use several of Google’s products and services and have long held an account with them. It is likely they have payment details already established and they trust the Google brand. Integrated into Google is a domain name offering called Google Domains; a domain name registrar offered by Google. This allows a Google user to search for domain names to see if one can be registered. Also included in this “stream” happens to be Afternic DLS domain names and are presented to Google customers with an easy buy now button. The Afternic DLS domains are mixed in with available registered domain names, so if your domain name happens to be exactly like or similar to the one searched, it will be displayed for purchase with a Buy It Now button.

This is a HUGE advantage! If someone searches the exact domain name that you have for sale but it's not included in the partnerships established by Afternic DLS, the only message displayed is often “TAKEN” or “NOT AVAILABLE”. That's it! No call to action, nada. Yes, your domain may be for sale but at that point, you may have lost your opportunity to sell.

If you have a domain name that you have registered at Uniregistry (and GoDaddy) and you also list the domain name for sale on, with a DLS-qualifying Buy It Now price, and someone specifically searches for your domain name at Google’s registrar, it will be presented to that searcher with a Buy It Now price that they can act on and get paid for directly on Google. That is a big deal.

The Afternic DLS includes 8 of the top 10 domain name registrars and accounts for 75 million monthly search queries as described here, which also displays some of these partners. Having your domain name displayed within this stream is a big deal because it provides an actionable situation for the searcher from a trusted source that allows them to pay directly to that source.

Having your domain names for sale within the Afternic DLS greatly helps reduce friction in the domain purchase process, while providing the instant gratification buyers often look for, since Afternic DLS qualified domain names have a “Fast Transfer” feature that allows the buyer access to the domain name right after payment. On the flip side, as the domain seller, you also do not have to worry about doing the push or transfer, which is a nice added bonus of a hands-off transaction.


I think domain names that you are willing to sell for $10K or less and you are comfortable offering Buy It Now pricing, the perfect combination is to use Afternic DLS (via for these types of domains. For domain names you are not comfortable setting BIN pricing, it is best to resolve the Uniregistry landers and let the professional domain name brokers of Uniregistry handle these inquires based on taking in offers.

With the wide reach and hands-off approach, Afternic DLS is simply too good of a network to ignore because the network can display your domain name with an actionable offering in a trusted location just at the right time. This offers the least friction I'm aware of, of any offering within the domain name industry for aftermarket domain names on such a large network of partners.

If you have domain names registered at Uniregistry and wish to have those included within the Afternic DLS, do the 3 steps highlighted here (create Afternic account, list domains and agree to opt-in) and you're done.

It’s a great option Uniregistry customers didn’t have prior to the acquisition by GoDaddy, and I think for the $10K and under BIN domains within your portfolio, it’s a perfect fit. For all other domains, utilizing the professionals of Uniregistry Brokerage provides you with several great options to selling your domain name assets with little effort on your behalf.

The information contained in this blog is provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as an endorsement, advice, or opinions from Uniregistry on any subject matter.

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