Sell More Domain Names With Optimized Landing Pages


One of the most important aspects of selling a domain name is what resolves on the “website” of the domain name when the user searches for the URL. Unsurprisingly, when an interested party aims to purchase a specific domain name, they intuitively visit the domain URL directly for the contact details. With the inconsistencies of the whois system due to GDPR, the ability to be discoverable is even more important now than ever before.

Buyer inquiries are a vital step in the buyer’s decision-making process and what they see at this stage can often impact the outcome of your domain name sale. Buyer lead capture timing is incredibly important and we recommend all sellers resolve their domain names to a Uniregistry Brokerage sales page in order to assure interested parties have all the information they need.

Uniregistry Brokerage offers highly optimized, tuned and tested domain sales landing pages for all customers along with a simple process for setting up seller lead pages. Here’s how:

  1. Add your domain names to your Uniregistry Brokerage account
  2. Select your desired landing page: Offers Only, Buy It Now, Offers / Buy It Now, Parking with for sale message (Reads funny)
  3. Set your domains Name Servers to and at your specific domain names registrar
  4. Voilá! Now sit back and watch inquiries hit your inbox.

Why are Uniregistry Brokerage for sale landers the best? 

The landers used by Uniregistry Brokerage have been highly tested over many years and are designed to capture leads or prompt buyer actions (if buy now option is presented). Once a lead is captured on a Uniregistry landing page, it is instantly assigned to the best suited domain broker based on time zone and the native language of the potential buyer. This allows a local, native speaking sales professional from Uniregistry Brokerage to promptly speak directly with the interested party about the pendingl purchase.

Swift action, local touch and highly experienced professionals are the driving force of the 200 million plus domain name sales value generated by the Uniregistry Brokerage since 2013. Our experience has proven time and time again that Uniregistry Brokerage landing pages are the best option for sellers who are serious getting top value for their domain name assets.

Uniregistry Brokerage is a professional domain name brokerage firm that houses a team of over 40 multi-lingual sales professionals to best service your domain name sale needs.

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