Safeguard Your Digital Assets While Working from Home


Home-based enterprises are the new norm; the Covid-19 virus might have attacked our personal and professional lives, but we are humans and we adapt fast.

This forced change has a dangerous side, however, as millions of people are now managing data from home.

Domain industry professionals that transitioned from an office environment, where IT managers did their job installing multiple layers of security, are now on their own.

Managing customer data from a home office, or your own data for that matter, should be done in a manner that amplifies existing security.

Here's a quick guide to safeguarding your data, your domain names, and your client data while working from home:

1. Secure your computer.

If you've moved a work computer home or are using your home computer or a portable one, you need to recreate the security process present in your office.

Do not let others use your computer, even if it's family. Every time you walk away from it, to take a break, eat a snack, or to call it a day, lock it with a password.

Your operating system and other necessary software should be up to date and utilizing available encryption for removable drives. It sounds overkill, but locking your office door at the end of the day adds another security layer.

In the event that your computer or portable drives get stolen, report the loss immediately to your company's IT manager.

2. Secure your office communications.

Using your home Internet connection to connect to remote networks should be encrypted using reliable VPN services. Do not treat your work-from-home process as simply "browsing" because unencrypted data can be "sniffed" and passwords to domain accounts can be compromised.

Use secure, unique passwords separate from your personal accounts, and enable two-factor authentication whenever possible. While at it, change the default password of your Wi-Fi and do not share it with neighbors. Turn on encryption, do not broadcast the network name, and allocate others to a "guest" account if available, so that you don't have to share the password.

Be very wary of emails that request your login via a link, even if they appear to come from a known person or email.

Phishing attacks rely on your inability to tell a real link from a malicious one. Instead, always log in directly to websites to manage your data, such as domain names and other accounts.

Social engineering is another way to lose control of important information; do not surrender information to unverifiable individuals. When handling a domain transaction, verify the finances and other important data by voice or video.

3. Secure your teleconferencing

Zoom is very popular among home-office workers currently. There's also Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. While it's tempting to show off your office or entire house to your co-workers or clients, make sure no sensitive information is shared through the camera, or on your shared desktop. And always password-protect your video conference to lock out any snooping individuals.

Conclusion: By keeping these measures in place you can replicate your office space security and work from home, safeguarding your domain names and other digital assets. Stay safe!

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