Recent Uniregistry Brokerage Domain Name Sales Data


Uniregistry Brokerage has been sharing its top 20 domain name sales each week that can be reported (many sales include a non-disclosure agreement and cannot be shared) with domain industry news sites, so today I take a look at these sales and break down some data to share with you.

Of the 200 reported sales over the past 2 months, 170 of those were $5,000 or greater. I will focus on these 170 domain names.

16 of the 170 domain sales were other extensions than .com. The highest amount of those 16 was held by .co, which made up 4 of the 170 total sales reported, and .net followed with 3 reported sales.

Of the top 30 reported sales, 29 were .com. was the one other non-dot-com in the top 30, which sold for $20,000 and ranked #23 of the top 30.

The average sales price of the top 30 domains was $37,545.

Taking a little bit of a different data set: “Exact Match Domains Registered” is the total amount of domains registered among all TLDs that match exactly to the domain that sold, minus the TLD. I compared the top 30 domain sales and looked at this number.

Of the top 29 reported domain name sales (excluding by Uniregistry Brokerage over the past 2 months that could be reported, the average number of other TLDs registered exactly matching the domain name that sold was 32.55. Throwing out the highest and lowest numbers brought the average down to 30. That’s some very interesting data! So, on average of the top reported domain sales over the past 2 months by Uni, each domain that sold had about 30 exact match domains registered in other TLDs. held the highest EMDs registered in other TLDs at 118 total. was the lowest at 7 total domains registered in other TLDs. To note, this data was gathered after the domain sale took place and was publicly reported. There is at least some chance that the buyers (or investors) registered domains after the sale. I would expect the data to be accurate in general either way.

Also to note, along with the EMDs registered, another important number can be the "broad match" total registered domains. This includes terms that contain something along with the EMD but this number needs to broken down manually for accuracy of relevance. For example, is a broad match term, as is Both are relevant to the EMD in this case but which isn't as relevant is also included in the data and can skew it. The same can be said about and, for example, which are not relevant to "BlueSuit" but would be included in the broad match data.

Why is the EMD and Broad Match data important? I think it shows the demand in the term and as I have stated many times prior, demand is what increases the value of a domain name.

Going back to the batch of 170 total domains, I broke these down by “type”.

  • 24 of the sales were 1 word English dictionary terms. 9 of those 24 were in extensions other than .com. The 3 highest reported sales by dollar volume were all English dictionary terms and the .com extension. Joyride, Skew, and Hallow.
  • 70 of the 170 domains were 2 word English dictionary combinations.
  • 6 of the 170 were 3 word English dictionary combinations.
  • 16 of the 170 were 4 characters or less.
  • 56 of the 170 were classified as “other”.

Other classifications can be an English dictionary term like Lava and then include a character or non-English dictionary word with the term. So, for an example which sold for $10,000 would be classified as “other”.  To note, X seemed to stick out a little bit in this data set with several domain sales that started with or ended with X + with a dictionary term. ($10K), ($7.6K), ($7K) and ($5K) were the 4 that I noticed, each selling for at least $5K-$10K.

Domain name creation dates ranged from 1995 to 2019, with 32 of the 170 domains registered during the 1995-1999 time frame.

Note: The data gathered and shared is via the use of my personal tools. The accuracy of the data has not been verified by a third party, and should be considered only as a guide.

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