Promote Your Business Domain Often


In our digital world, your domain name is becoming more important every single day. It’s the easiest form of actionable communication to direct anybody in the world easily to one place.

What I just said is extremely important! Just by providing your domain name audibly or visually to somebody, anybody at any time can visit your place of business. Day or night, holidays, 365/24/7 from any place in the world. That’s powerful.

Leave no room for assumption

It may be natural to you but never leave a chance that somebody may not know your businesses domain name. Do not just say your brand name, say your brand name's domain name. It’s much more actionable.  Do it together or as one. Do what you feel best with.

Since it’s a best practice that your domain name “makes sense” and matches your brand name with .com at the end, it will still make perfect sense to your audience when you say your domain name and not just your brand name.

  • Find us on the web! Nope, here is the exact, precise location!
  • Search Google! Nope, here is the exact, precise location!
  • I own “Brand Name” or I work for “Brand Name”. Nope! Domain is actionable!
  • Link in the description! Nope, here is the exact, precise location!

Video is huge, be visual and verbal

My son watches YouTube and I cringe daily. People are branding all the time in videos to push their offering, sell merchandise, etc., but failing a lot in the process. I hear the term “link in the description” so much that it makes me cringe every time. Do YouTubers just assume that everybody watches YouTube videos on Via the YouTube app? It’s not the case.

In my case, we watch it on a TV. In fact, there is no “description” easily viewable on the TV. Even if I took the time to find and view a description, my TV remote can’t click a URL in the description with the TV app I use. This includes me not being able to even see the actual domain name it’s going to lead me to. That’s a problem. A huge problem!

Since I didn’t hear the domain name nor see it, there is literally no way I can remember it or visit it. Zero!

Now consider that many of these videos I see are viewed hundreds of thousands or millions of times, think of the missed business because the actionable domain name reference isn’t visible or audibly displayed. It’s a big deal.

Loud and proud, in your face

Say your domain name and visually display it as much as you can. That’s how the process of how the human brain remembers things. Do it often and consistently. Your business website should be set up to sell. It should promote engagement from visitors. It should be a clone of the best you.

If people do not know where to find your business online directly or you present them with an un-actionable situation you are missing out.

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