Partnerships Drive Success in the Domain Industry


The domain name industry is rather small. Although small, partnerships are very important.

Today I was thinking, "what is considered important to what I do in the domain industry?" Partnerships! The people and companies I partner with and what I can and can not get done without the partnerships I have with them.

Good partnerships allow you to quickly get answers, get things done, and grow your business forward. Great partnerships allow you and your partners to grow financially and obtain success.

I look at businesses like Afternic: The brand is like none other because of the vast partnerships it has established. They call these rooted partnerships Afternic DLS. It gives Afternic a huge net to cast and present customer domains for sale on many other domain name registrars due to the partnerships they have built.

These partnerships allow domain names to be displayed in front of people who may search for a specific domain at a competing domain registrar, that is partnered with Afternic. This is unique and powerful, all because of the partnerships.

Afternic wins because more eyeballs—about 75M per month—are put on domain inventory that is for sale on its aftermarket service. The partnering registrars gain a revenue stream that wasn't available prior with the large amount of inventory that can be presented and potential cut of sales commission from a successful sale.

It's a win/win situation!

These partnerships can change though by growing stale if both sides are not happy and equally “winning”. Communication is key, so stay connected and never take the partnerships for granted.

Bad partnerships? Yes, those do exist but early clues may appear and help you avoid them. Watch for replies that take a long time to come back and a lack of passion in regards to what's presented.

Every day I try to build win/win partnerships for many different things in relation to my business. I have come to a point that I do not need lopsided partnerships. If somebody doesn’t reply to you, ignores you, those are signs it’s time to move on and use your energy elsewhere. Old me would normally keep on digging and trying to sprout this partnership but these are the deals in the long run that do not work out!

Partnerships are and should always be a two-way street delivering positive passion!

We all need to earn income, it’s just a fact of life. Can you only use Uniregistry Self-Brokerage and never allow the source to earn anything from you? Nope, it simply doesn’t work that way. It’s not the other guy's duty to do it for you. It will catch up at some point. Huge resources are needed to keep websites up, employees/contractors paid and if people aren’t looking at things as partnerships, they will like fade away.

If you sell domain names on Uniregistry, you are in a partnership. You win by selling a domain, brokerage may win by helping you sell it. Both are happy, win/win!

I love the domain industry and things work much better when win/win partnerships are in place. Try new partnerships, talk to people and discover how you may be able to win together!

Remain focused on your core strengths and outsource or partner on things you are not great at. Some people are great domain name investors but not so great at selling. That’s okay! If that is the case, utilize Uniregistry Brokerage for your domain sales and focus on your buying strengths.

Focus on partnerships and use services that have deep rooted partnerships that can help you win because of them.

The information contained in this blog is provided for general informational purposes about domains. It is not specific advice tailored to your situation and should not be treated as such.

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