Native Language Domain Name Brokers: Why It Matters


Uniregistry Brokerage has domain name brokers who speak 14 different languages, and that matters when it comes to handling domain name sales. Why? Domain names are a global asset and people speak—over voice and textmany different languages all over the world and this includes when they inquire to purchase a domain name.

Uniregistry Brokers speak 14 languages and based on the geographical location of the incoming inquiry on a domain name; it is automatically assigned to a Uniregistry Broker that speaks the matching language of the inquirer.

Sweet. I only speak one language, and just firing back an important reply in English or placing a phone call in my native English language may find me speaking to somebody I can’t understand and vice versa. I might even be calling them at 1:00AM, unknowingly! Oops. Talk about a deal-breaker and being unprofessional.

Why does that matter?

Clear communication, trust, and understanding goes a long way in a digital transaction. Not only will Uniregistry Brokers handle the foreign language communication on your behalf, often, the actual time of the inquiry may be an off-business hour situation for you but not Uniregistry Brokers who are based in many different time zones. Understanding culture is also a fine touch to have when communicating with potential buyers in an uncommon language to you.

Most people communicate in English, so all these fancy things are just fluff, right? I guess someone could feel that way, but I looked at the data in my account. Guess how many of my past six inquiries were non-English inquires? Come on now, pick a number…

Five! Five out the past six inquires were listed as Non-English inquires. Yeah, that surprised me too but shows how just one small aspect of who you choose as your domain name broker matters.

Within a Uni user's account, there is a summary which displays the non-native language, as well as other indicators on the inquiry and its status:


Keep in mind that Uniregistry Brokers are professional sales associates. I often feel this is highly overlooked and what it's all about. I'm not a professional salesperson. I don't earn my living from selling things to people, Uniregistry Brokers do, and these salespeople have a special craft, and not all domainers are salespeople. Yes, they may understand domain names, but do they have millions of dollars of data to assist them? Or a super awesome followup system that works really well? Or local and native-speaking individuals? A team that communicates and helps others? Do they have millions of dollars of domain name sales under their belt?

Domain name brokers for Uni work hard to sell domain names on behalf of their clients. They are experienced and professional salespeople that have many talents, desire, and dedication to doing their best.

Being able to speak on the phone in the potential buyer's native language, in their local time zone, while maintaining the high skill level needed in domain sales is something Uniregistry Brokers can do you for day in, day out.

If you are not a Uniregistry Brokerage client yet, please consider giving them a try today.

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