My Time at Uniregistry — Jeffrey M. Gabriel


Just under seven years ago, I came to the Cayman Islands where I was given the opportunity of a lifetime: to build a domain brokerage from the ground up while being supported by the greatest domainer of all time.

During those seven years, we grew from four to forty salespeople, with sales support staff selling thousands of domains, eclipsing the $50,000,000 USD mark in yearly sales volume. We will more than likely have broken $250,000,000 in sales during my tenure while you read this.

We built new technology, products, and processes. We had many successes and failures along the way as well as many sleepless nights. My wife had our two children here.

Reflecting on all of this, the most important part of this is the friends I made along the way. The memories I will always have of the people who got us where we are today. After discussing this with friends and family, it is time for me to step down as Vice President of Sales and return home from the Cayman Islands to make up for lost time with my family and pursue other projects. I want to thank all of the customers, Frank, and our team that have made these past seven years the best seven I ever had.

Two of the many friends I have made will be taking over my responsibilities.

Dan Adamson will take over as Vice President of Sales. Wade Smith will become the Director of Sales.

Dan and Wade’s contributions to the company over the years have been a massive part of the previous successes that I mentioned above. I am positive they will continue to do so into the future.

Thank you, Uniregistry. It has been a fantastic ride.

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