Most Domain Name Sales Do NOT Happen by Chance


Domain name brokers and individuals work hard every day to educate people on the importance of domain names. Although a lot of domain name sales happen daily, most of them are not by chance but because of education from someone.

Business founders are so focused on their idea, that often little thought process goes into naming the company. On top of that, many of these companies are planning for the business to be online only. As brand ambassadors, domain names are a very important part of the corporate game plan, as direct gateways to the business.

From first impressions, word of mouth, emails, business cards, advertising and more, the domain name of the business is everywhere and represents the brand 24/7. It’s communicated daily, many times, both internally and externally. To investors, vendors, clients, services, the media, and potential partnerships.

I get it. When a business is first starting out, they are cash-strapped. Spending the least amount on a domain name is likely attractive and the easiest route but is it a good long term decision? Maybe you just felt that somebody else owned the best domain and you couldn’t buy it? Maybe you assumed it was too expensive? Maybe you contacted the domain owner but things didn’t work out then, but perhaps they would now.

Communication and representation of your brand and its domain name will be spoken of and seen a lot. It should be very clear what your brand name is and who you are by simply seeing your domain name.

Going the cheap route early on with your main brand name business domain name may start to be a glaring issue pretty quickly if it doesn’t match what your brand and mission are. Is an upgrade in order? A rebrand?

Thankfully, there are domain name brokers and individuals educating the world about domain names every day and change can happen.

Maybe you notice your domain issue but just haven’t acted on it yet? Maybe you have had a conversation with somebody and domain names came up and made you think about your own domain situation? Maybe you have to explain your domain name to people and it’s a distraction? Maybe you were contacted by a domain name broker and were given the opportunity to acquire the best domain name for your brand but you pushed it aside?

As the founder or CEO of the company, it's up to you to make the decision, after answering these questions. Do I invest a fair amount of money for the best domain name for the brand? Do I secure the brand by owning the best global .com domain name for it?

It’s not likely just by chance that you should be considering it, maybe you have just been ignoring the signs presented that you need to? Maybe the writing has been on the wall but you just haven’t acted yet?

It’s about time!

Establish your brand's future by investing in the best domain name for it - and do so with passion about your opportunities to secure it.

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