Missed Connections! A New Kind of Buy It Now Domain Names


Missed Connections is paying homage to my favorite (for comical reasons) section of Craigslist. According to Wikipedia, this is what it is:

“A type of personal advertisement which arises after two people meet but are too shy or otherwise unable to exchange contact details.”

As a sales team, we have a lot of success in selling domain names. There are also situations where the buyer inquiries on a domain, negotiates a great price, then doesn’t pay.

The negotiations are done, the seller has set a purchase price but then the buyer either had a change of heart, is still considering it, too many cooks in the kitchen, dragging their feet and I’m sure many more reasons they didn’t pay yet. So it sits… but not any longer! Snooze you lose!

It dawned on me after seeing a client let a name drop, then seeing it sell for more than the listed price they had on it for over five years that investors might be interested. Even end users! These are good names and all have shown buyer interest.

This is our first go at it, so I called a few sellers, got their approval and I thought we would advertise these buy now prices on the following names as Missed Connections. All prices are in USD. If you are interested in purchasing one of the domains at the price stated below, I highly suggest you visit the domain name directly, make a new inquiry (fill out the Uniregistry contact form) and in the message box note the price and this article.

This is not a starting point, and there will not be negotiations. It is first come, first serve. The sellers are not obligated to sell these names to you if they decide to have a change of heart or sold it already.

I think we can have some fun with this. Everyone hates it when a buyer does not pay. Let’s make that connection and put a positive spin on this and see what happens.

Domain Accepted Price
SodaFountain.com SOLD
Kibbutz.com $10,000
BusSales.com $12,000
MarijuanaTea.com $6,000
Moleskins.com $5,000
DecorCanada.com $2,500
CraftGirls.com $5,000
BocaTile.com $4,000
HealthyLiving.ca $3,000
BenefitsCard.com $4,000
GenesisMedicalResearch.com $3,000
GardenRoom.com $5,000
Specifications.com $8,000
ShopExpress.net $2,000
Cofe.co.uk $2,000
Viib.com $10,000
FashionMarketing.com $15,000
CustomApparel.com $23,000
Gump.com $25,000
RegalBeagle.com $3,000
TheFoundery.com $5,000
UniqueBirthdayGifts.com $9,000
Xgao.com $10,000
BreakingBread.com $10,000
BattleBus.com $5,000
3PR.com $5,000
SeatSocial.com $2,000
Eoch.com $10,000
InfraredPhotography.com $10,000
WeddingOnABudget.com $5,000
FlamingoTravel.com $6,000
Africare.com $10,000
HorizonTravel.com $5,000
CareerPaths.com $10,000
EliteCleaning.com $3,000
RepairAnywhere.com $6,600
FashionPros.com $5,000
EvGreen.com $2,500
PeiProperties.com $2,700
TicketInc.com $5,000
TherapyDog.com $10,000
Lexys.com $7,500
StaffYou.com $6,000
VipYacht.com $3,000
BootStrappers.com $5,000
Avocats.com $24,000
PlantMedicine.com $12,000
SavingTips.com $6,000
Dispensario.com $8,500
Grundbuch.com $7,400
TurningTheTables.com $3,000
SeparateWays.com $3,000
Nirvana.ca $2,000
IDecide.com $8,000
BarbequeCatering.com $3,500
Chapter11.com $25,000
TileMurals.com $1,200
SpiderBite.com $10,000
GreasySpoons.com $2,500
Carnivores.com $7,900

Until next time folks,

Jeffrey M. Gabriel

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