Increase Domain Sales with "For Sale" Landers and Social Media Exposure


The fundamental benefit of domain landing pages is that type-in traffic engages visitors with the existing "call to action."

Domain names that are advertised "for sale" receive more eyeballs from potential buyers. Keeping a domain "live" means that you have to host it or park it.

Uniregistry provides a full range of landing pages, often called "landers," that allow for the display of PPC ads and for sale banners, along with full "for sale" pages with no ads.

As a GoDaddy company, Uniregistry appeals both to investors and end-users, and if you're looking to sell your domains in the Uniregistry Marketplace, setting up shop is both easy and versatile.

While there are reasons to park your high-traffic domains and reap their PPC conversion, if the primary motive is to sell them then you can skip setting up PPC and opt for the for sale or contact form landers. For every domain in your investor portfolio, it's very easy to select a type of "for sale" lander, set the selling price, or display a contact form that your visitor can then fill out.

Domains with a "for sale" lander act just like Realtor signs on real estate property: those that pass by take notice and engage further with the seller's broker via a phone call or email.

You can set a fixed (Buy It Now) price or provide a contact form for communications. Both of these landers make it clear: the domain is for sale!

Unlike landers that contain PPC ads along with a "might be for sale" reference, the visitor will immediately act upon the domain's primary call to action—Buy This Domain—as opposed to wading visually through a bunch of ads.

What about secondary traffic from publicizing your domain's status?

Think of your asset as a house or car for sale that you want others to know about. It's a good idea to promote your domains that already have a "for sale" lander on social media. Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and even YouTube can provide your domains with plenty of exposure—as long as you do it according to the specific platform's rules.

As an added bonus, Uniregistry generates social media snippets when you share your domains in this format:

The generated social media snippet varies, depending on the platform you're sharing it on. It's bigger and more effective than simply clicking on a text link!


Social media interaction should observe certain widely-accepted rules of engagement.

Do not "spam" your domains for sale on unrelated accounts, "walls," or timelines of others, without their permission. If you're sharing your domains with a group of professionals, make sure such publishing is allowed. The last thing you need is to be perceived as an annoying spammer that promotes domains indiscriminately.

Do include relevant hashtags and link your post to articles about the related keywords. Once this is done be patient: leads from such promotions can take a while to become inquiries, but you should witness an increase in traffic almost immediately.

In a nutshell: If you want to sell your domains effectively, place them on landers. Uniregistry offers several layouts that allow you to sell a domain via setting a BIN price, or through interactive communication. Once you set that up, promote your domains on social media, using a smart approach that will increase your chances of directing potential buyers to your "for sale" assets.

The information contained in this blog is provided for general informational purposes about domains. It is not specific advice tailored to your situation and should not be treated as such.

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