Go Global: How Multilingual Brokers Have the Edge


English is the language of choice for international communication, and the top language globally in terms of the total number of speakers.

When native speakers are taken into account, however, it ranks at number three, behind Chinese and Spanish.

The set of top ten languages completes with Hindi, Arabic, Bengali, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, and Pakistani Lahnda.

Understanding how the world treats communication in its native language, can help with global sales, and that includes domain name sales.

Bi-lingual and multi-lingual speakers can help bridge the world of commerce, and establish new relationships going beyond a single sale. Being able to respond to inquiries in a way that shows respect of the other person's origin, is a great glue for communications.

The extensive team of Uniregistry Brokers, takes pride in employing domain industry professionals that use and excel in many different languages:

"Uniregistry has 41 brokers that speak over 14 languages, including English, Spanish, Mandarin, Taiwanese, German, Russian, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, Czech, and Punjabi."

How important is it to communicate with a potential domain buyer in their native language?

Consider the barriers that can exist when one party or both use an automatic translator to communicate. There is plenty of room for error, misunderstandings, and the occasional disastrous use of the wrong words, or the wrongful perception of a response.

First of all, when a native speaker is used to handle a domain name inquiry at Uni, their tone, use of words, and consistency of communication keep the conversation going.

Many times, the discussion leaves the digital written word behind, and moves to voice or video. That's precisely where Uniregistry Brokers deliver the most, and are able to demonstrate to the buyer why the asking price is justified.

I contacted several Uniregistry Brokers, to seek examples of how things improved once a native language was used.

Sebastian mentioned that his use of languages other than English accounts for about 1% of his brokered sales; talking to French buyers on the phone in their native language helps tremendously with closing the deal. Sebastien is multi-lingual, using French, Spanish, English and Arabic to close deals.

Buyers respond well to hearing their native language, by opening up with increased trust. That gives Uniregistry Brokers a strong advantage over competing services, that only engage buyers in English.

Culturally, Arabic-speaking buyers embrace the graciousness of the party who uses their language even if they speak good English themselves. It's part of the beauty of global public relationships, and a great asset to performing business with the large Arab market.

Some markets can be demanding, due to a much lower percentage of native speakers using English. In Spain and France, communicating in the local language yields more results than struggling with English.

Buyers that reached out and were dealt with in their native language often develop a more direct personal relationship with the broker. They become repeat buyers, and often contact brokers directly. This is a huge advantage for domain sellers, that are often contacted by Uniregistry Brokers on behalf of existing customers.

Mohammed, who speaks English, Urdu, and Hindi, told me that 99% of the people with financial resources who speak these languages also speak English. He added that using these languages to address accidental offers by getting on a short call, is a quick way to figure out if the buyer is confused, saving time on further communications.

Jenny mentioned that she is managing mostly leads from China. Because she speaks Chinese, she can achieve more than just negotiating on numbers back and forth. She is able to make them understand the value behind the domain names they inquire about, and bump them up on their offers.

Even English itself isn't a single dialect. Domain brokers that are from the UK  several, as in the case of the Uni Market often close deals with British buyers, with a success rate higher than their American counter-parts; a standard British English accent and use of Queen's English definitely helps.

Conclusion: Uniregistry Brokers can get you a great deal with buyers whose native language isn't English, and improve your success rate with English speakers as well. They are experienced in the particular nuances of 14 languages, and their cultural backgrounds, helping you sell your domain names faster, and at better prices.

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