Domainer Gear: Your Hardware Matters - Keyboards

This information is not an endorsement, recommendation or promotion of a particular brand of equipment but merely general advice about finding the best equipment that works for you. To find the perfect equipment you must do your own personal research. I did not receive any kickbacks from the manufacturer of the equipment..

Domain investors keen on making a positive return on their investments put in a good amount of work daily.

Using computers for hours on end, staring at screens, typing at keyboards and moving around a mouse can create a lot of physical stress that manifests in a variety of ways: fingers and hands become sore or achy, eyes water and vision deteriorates.

A cup of extra-caffeinated coffee won't fix this, but using the right computer hardware will do the trick.

Disclaimer: This article series isn't about promoting a particular brand of products, but rather a prompt to find the best computer gear that works for you. To find that perfect keyboard, monitor and computer mouse you must do your own personal research, just like I did. I do not receive any kickbacks from the manufacturer of the hardware.

Part 1: Keyboards – Get the right keyboard for your domaining needs.

It doesn't matter if you are a touch typist or if you use your index fingers to type, a good tactile keyboard is the way to go. People with thicker fingers will appreciate a keyboard that has keys that are spaced apart more, so that typos become less of an issue.

Keyboards arrive in two main varieties, membrane and mechanical based. The cheaper ones use a membrane below the keys that provides very little movement; it works for some people but not for everyone. A mechanical keyboard contains switches that can be less clicky, moderately clicky, or very clicky in their output of sound. Tactile (less clicky) mechanical keyboards provide a happy medium of movement and are less noisy.

Most, if not all of the new generation of mechanical keyboards are backlit and some can produce a backlight that covers the full RGB color spectrum. As many features are added, the price increases. The idea is to select a keyboard that you can use for hours with no ill side-effects and create content with or do research that is devoid of typos, backspacing, and overall frustration.

Lastly, keyboards can be either wired or wireless, with the latter kind providing connectivity via proprietary wireless technology or the Bluetooth standard. They can also control more than one device at a time, by offering buttons switching your command from a PC to a laptop or a tablet or smartphone. On the other hand, wired keyboards have zero connectivity issues and require no battery charge.

In my quest for a better keyboard for 2021, I decided to leave behind the good old faithful, an aged Logitech K800 wireless that I've been using for the past 5-6 years and move onto something newer, that meets my increased needs.

After many days of comparing options, prices, watching YouTube videos and lots of "window shopping" I decided to spend $150 dollars on a Logitech G815 wired mechanical keyboard with tactile switches. It features programmable RGB lights that can help improve the mood and productivity. It also doubles as a good gaming keyboard—now that's an added bonus!

At the time I'm writing this article, I've been using the G815 for two weeks and its many features have helped improve my typing speed by about 30% for research, daily work, and content creation. It's clicky, but on the low end of the noise spectrum, and provides good light ambience with no need to worry about batteries.

My fingers feel relaxed and I've been doing lots of WHOIS queries, HTML coding, and graphic design work. It features macro keys that can be programmed to perform key sequence functions. My only "complaint" is the placement of these keys: I would have liked them to be on top and not on the left side of the keyboard.

Feeling confident that my K800 would soon be history, I decided to get a wireless keyboard to test as well. I went with another Logitech product, the MX Keys that retails for $99 dollars. It's a low profile, membrane keyboard that illuminates in a single color at a time, unlike the RGB one. The placement of the keys is reminiscent of Apple keyboards, with a light dip on the keys and great spacing. You can connect to up to 3 devices with a single keypress, enabling control of a laptop, tablet or smart phone.

I found that my typing speed and efficiency improved by more than 50% compared to the K800 and that was a pleasant surprise: I now had two great keyboards to choose from!

The MX Keys performed flawlessly in content creation and has its programmable keys at the top; it also sports a sensor that turns the backlight off after a few seconds of non-use. Battery life is thus exceptional and the keyboard can be used as "wired" while it's charging via USB.

In the end, I decided to keep both keyboards and use them as needed: the wired mechanical keyboard for gaming and content writing, and the wireless, tactile keyboard for content writing and design work. My total spending is a business expense and I am pleased with the selection I made.

My next article will cover my analysis of computer monitors and my monitor of choice. Stay tuned!

The information contained in this blog is provided for general informational purposes about domains. It is not specific advice tailored to your situation and should not be treated as such.

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