Domain Negotiations: The Best Offer might not be the Biggest Offer


A mature domain marketplace such the Uni Market provides one powerful advantage: efficient domain name inquiry management.

Domain investors love ease of use, and with a few clicks one can manage portfolio inquiries, respond to messages and assign domains to experienced brokers at the Uni Market. There are plenty of tools to leverage the details of an inquiry, and to stack up past inquiries by amount offered. The Uni Market was created with domain investors in mind and can manage portfolios of any size.

Numbers are important, and while every domain investor seeks a sale that delivers a healthy return on their investment, the best offer might not be the biggest offer.

Sounds like an odd proposition, but money isn't the only benefit one might gain from a domain sale. Think of every inquiry as an opportunity to leverage the distinct qualities of the party interested in your domain name.

Establishing a long-lasting business relationship can take you places that can't be ventured without such an introduction. Assuming you possess a popular digital asset, there may be an influx of inquiries that seem appealing, so the question that pops is:

Should you go after the highest offer, all the time?

Here's a short story with an important lesson about leveraging opportunities that arrive with domain inquiries.

Recently, a vitamin manufacturer shared her experience about how she acquired the company's matching .com domain at a price lower than the seller's asking price. She achieved that feat by connecting the seller to the CEO of a company important to them.

The end result: two very sizable domain sales among three parties and a new relationship cluster that's going to benefit everyone involved.

To make an educated decision on this, set a threshold that determines whether an offer is important enough. For example, if you're looking to get $20,000 dollars for a domain, would an offer 10% less still be appealing, if the other party lands you additional business benefits?

Obviously, when you have a single solid offer that cannot be matched by others, you should negotiate on numbers alone.

But when there are multiple inbound offers, the overall strategy is to keep your financial earnings high, all while establishing connections and to forge business relationships that take you beyond the single scope of a domain sale. So decide on the number you're willing to sacrifice, when the value of the add-on benefits is present.

In a nutshell: When you negotiate on a domain sale, keep an open channel on additional, long-term benefits that can be introduced alongside the sale. Sometimes, pricing flexibility can get you a whole lot further.

The information contained in this blog is provided for general informational purposes about domains. It is not specific advice tailored to your situation and should not be treated as such.

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