Domain Names Provide a Destination


Domain names are popular and powerful, yet often forgotten or even unknown by some. They can cost tens of millions of dollars apiece or as little as $10. Domains are solely unique, little snowflakes appearing around the world, working different jobs big and small. Each a destination.

You see them in email addresses, movies, logos and on billboards, race cars, trucks and more.

Communication is one of the most important things in the world and its done in many forms. The easier and less time it takes, the better. The less effort, the better.

Clarity conquers.

When somebody sees a phone number, they know what it is and what to do with it. That is a process that is not easy to achieve.

Domain names replicate the premise. When someone sees a domain name, they know what to do. It’s a destination.

Domain names provide an easily accessible destination that is gracefully communicated by sight and or words.

There are some complications with the phone number method of communication, like area codes and the fact that you need a phone to connect end to end but in general but it’s fairly effortless.  Its limited though, even more so for commercial purposes.

Someone needs to answer the phone. The number needs to be active. Someone must be aware of, remember and execute the proper number for the process to work and so on. In the end, the phone number is a destination that brings you to X on the map but is vastly limiting and declining in use by the day.

Domain names are the modern day, virtual world phone numbers that bring you to a destination, anytime, anywhere with no need for someone to answer the phone or provide the service. That’s what websites are for.

You are not limited on what you can do when you arrive (to a point clearly) with the sky virtually being the limit. Commerce is easier today than ever before!

Words, which are easier to remember are used instead of numbers (in most cases). Not only words, words that are a destination due to an extension added on, like .com. Seeing a word + .com creates the instantly recognizable and solely unique destination. It’s not just a word, domains are a destination. A road map to YOU.

Shout out your destination from the roof tops! Spark engagement with curiosity. Brand names are cool and all but domain names of your brand are way more effective and that matters to the bottom line.  Provide the destination every chance you get.

Remove any assumptions and provide the direct path.

Domain names are destinations that are instantly recognized, globally! Morning, noon or night!

I love hearing people using word of mouth advertising, I just love hearing people using word of mouth advertising with domain names even more.

Hearing a domain name provides the end path. It sparks curiosity. It provides the destination without ever needing to pull out the map (search engine).

Just like a sign is important for a physical business, an easily remembered, brand aligned domain name is important as your virtual address and destination of your brand.

The information contained in this blog is provided for general informational purposes about domains. It is not specific advice tailored to your situation and should not be treated as such.

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