Domain Name Importance, Much More Than Just Google Rankings


I get the opportunity to speak with many company founders and something has been a common thread of late.

The companies are ranking well in Google with domain names and they are happy with that, yet each of these companies are attempting to acquire the matching .com domain name to their respective companies.


Email. This is the number one reason I hear these companies want to own the .com domain, even though they are ranking well within search engines using a domain, but they lack trust and authority in email communication.

When companies are new, communication and building partnership is very important. Missing just one email to a typo of .com instead of .co can be a game-changer.

Appearance! You only get one first impression and it’s important. .com is the standard. It’s natural because of the standard, so if something like a .so domain email arrives in your mailbox, it may look less trusting or out of the norm and that’s because it is. That’s even if it hits the inbox.

Making a lasting impression

29 of the top 30 valued Y Combinator backed companies for 2019 own and use the exact match .com domain names of what they brand as. Only “Cruise”, which uses GetCruise(.)com doesn’t. The vast majority of the top 102 listed companies own exact match .com domain names as to what they brand as.

99% (494/500) of Fortune 500 companies use .com domains according to a Dofo study in 2019.

While making that lasting impression, it is also setting up your credibility. Really great domain names are an investment and making the investment to your brand resonates dedication to it.

Brand protection

Potentially overlooked early but often noticed quickly thereafter. Being brand-aligned with your domain name is a smart choice but owning your brand .com is also securing it. By owning the best domain, you are preventing another company from owning it and overshadowing your brand or creating confusion. Not owning it, well, you easily can be setting yourself up for a rebrand or constantly explaining your domain!

There are many pieces to a brand puzzle and the company’s domain name is an important piece to it in branding, communication, protection, and making that credible impression you deserve. The internet world is much bigger than just search engines and your domain name carries you around in many more places than just Google.

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