Domain Keywords: Verbs versus Nouns and Gerunds


A large number of domain names are English dictionary words, due to the global reach of the English language as an international communication tool.

There are different parts of speech and therefore different domain keyword categories. In this article, we'll examine three popular types as used in domain formation: verbs, nouns, and gerunds.

Verbs and nouns tend to be shorter, and gerunds add the "-ing" suffix, thus creating words that are three letters longer; they are verbs that function as nouns.

There are thousands of nouns in English, along with many thousands of verbs, both regular and irregular. It's therefore safe to say that there are about as many gerunds as verbs, although not all of them can be used as such.

Why choose a dictionary word as your domain name and brand?

Domain names that are dictionary words are part of everyday speech, both for native speakers and for those using English as their second language. They are memorable, for the most part, although some can be harder to spell than others.

Keywords can be combined to form longer brands and statements, and these domains are also strong as brand identifiers.

When combining keywords the composition should be easy to remember and spell.

When it comes down to valuation, single-word verbs and nouns are considerably more expensive to acquire in the domain aftermarket, than gerunds.

Shorter verbs and nouns can fetch six to seven figures as .com domains, with gerunds floating in the low- to mid-five-figure range. Exact valuation depends on the keyword's scarcity, and its ability to convey a brand's function and intended services.

Should you go for a verb, noun, or gerund domain name?

It depends on your budget, and your ability to deliver a unique brand that can carry its weight forward. Moving onto two-word composites, the prices are more affordable across the board.

A verb or a noun, when used as a domain name, indicates action and delivers qualities matching that of the brand or service. A gerund can achieve the same in a surprisingly effective manner, and at a potentially lower price. Don't discount this beauty of the English language when it comes down to choosing your next domain name!

One fun aspect of nouns as domain keywords is that the singular and the plural versions—aside from being two distinct domain names—can indicate different things. In general, a singular noun is suitable for a brand, while a plural noun is a class of products. The same goes for gerunds!

Lastly, verbs are strong indicators of action, and suitable for interactive brands, such as sports, automotive, music, and more. When combined with a noun or a gerund, they form memorable brands that stand out.

Whether you select a verb, noun, or a gerund keyword, the Uniregistry Market provides an extensive inventory of suitable domain names. The keyword search can be customized to suit your needs for the perfect domain name as your brand, product, or service.


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