Domain Investing: Use your Window of Opportunity

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Domain investors leverage their portfolios in a constant ebb and flow of trading. Just like goods of the old trade times, domains are exchanged for money, which makes domain investing a profession that requires paying attention to global trends.

Evaluating one's domain portfolio should be done as if it's a living organism. Domains aren't priced once and then forgotten, they must be pruned and prepped and checked against news and new corporate formations, at least quarterly.

Many opportunities to sell are lost when the portfolio holder fails to realize what exactly is affecting domain traffic increases, for example. Such traffic peaks that happen "spontaneously" often indicate an important reference to the keywords involved, or to the actual domain even—due to traffic spilling over from other TLDs.

Domain sales require a constant observation of your portfolio performance. Just like stocks, domain names exist as destinations ready to provide visitors with content, advertisements, or the option to buy.

As domain investors, selling your domain at a price that generates ample revenue is your ultimate goal. While one relies on incoming communication via the domain's lander, it's necessary to keep track of the daily traffic of your portfolio, and how well it converts.

Keep in mind, that Uniregistry brokers are able to help you decide on domain valuation, when they handle inquiries on your behalf. When selling on the Uniregistry Market, the starting point of an incoming inquiry will re-assess the domain's value, and once left in the expert hands of the Uniregistry brokerage team the goal is to formulate a winning negotiation strategy.

On the flip side, acquiring domain names follows similar strategies. Research the keywords that are trending, and narrow down your selection to domains that might be available for sale. Then, using the expert team at Uniregistry make an offer for the domain name of your choice—it could be the brand that propels your business to new heights.

In a nutshell: The window of opportunity for domain sales and acquisitions often remains open long enough to make decisions within a short time frame. Being well-prepared about the worth of your domains increases your ability to deduce their value, and negotiate sales. Researching your targeted domain with the help of the Uniregistry brokers improves your negotiation footprint.

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