Domain Inquiries and the Uni Market Label System


A domain inquiry management system as complex as the Uni Market and its extensive back-end, took a lot of hard work to perfect.

From the very beginning, the Uni Market system was tested repeatedly, received feedback from beta-testers and power users, before receiving updates, improvements, and even a stand-alone app.

Brokers and investors worked together to give valuable feedback to the programmers and UX specialists, who churned out code performing tasks faster, better, and with visuals that provide important information at a glance.

One of the great provisions of the Uni Market back-end is its Label System—a series of "stickers" that analyze a domain inquiry and provide its characteristic elements.


The summary page of inquiries is displayed at the top, with its status line, such as:

  • New offer received
  • Open - Action pending
  • Awaiting response from the buyer
  • Inquiry dismissed
  • Not completed

Right below the status, the labels provide information quickly, helping the broker and the domain portfolio holder identify the inquiry's key elements. Let's take a closer look at these labels, to give Uni Market users a better understanding of the Uni Market's capabilities; I've grouped together those that are related.

Some labels refer to the inquiry's qualities:

Rare Inquiry
This domain has historically received few inquiries. You may want to consider selling of a reasonable offer is presented. 

Not English
For the convenience of the potential buyer, your broker is handling this inquiry in a language that's not English.

Low converting
This inquiry was created from a country that typically doesn't buy domains.

Magic follow-up
This lead isn't high quality but our system will try to get a response from the potential buyer.

Real money
The buyer has made an offer that's above $1000 USD.


Some labels refer to the outcome of the inquiry:

The inquiry has been dismissed due to buyer confusion or excessive spamming of our System.

Close but no cigar
The buyer has offered 75% of the quoted price, but no deal has yet been reached. We will continue to try and breach the divide.

The potential buyer does not seem to have the funds to purchase this domain and may be wasting our time.


There are labels describing the status of the ongoing activity and other negotiations between the broker and the buyer:

Several phone calls have been exchanged between the broker and the potential buyer.

Active negotiation
Several messages have been exchanged between the broker and the potential buyer.

This inquiry has been worked on by several broker in the hopes of getting the most out of the potential buyer.

Over the fence
The broker is waiting for the buyer to reply to the latest communication. 


Some labels refer to the age of an inquiry:

Ice cold 
The potential buyer has not responded in 3 months but the broker is going to keep trying for a response.

The potential buyer has not responded in over 6 months but the broker will make plans to follow up in the future.


How was the inquiry sourced? Here are some labels describing that:

Natural traffic
This inquiry was organically generated through the Uniregistry landing page.

Email lead
This inquiry was sourced in by an email from the potential buyer.

This inquiry was sourced from a phone call from the potential buyer.

Hand made
This inquiry was logged by a broker. 

Network lead
This inquiry was sourced from out affiliate partner network and thus commands a 20% commission.

Uniregistry made
The inquiry was generated via the Uniregistry Search.

By understanding the Uni Market labels, responding to brokers handling the inquiries becomes a much easier task. Get in touch with the Uniregistry Brokers to sell your next domain name.

The information contained in this blog is provided for general informational purposes about domains. It is not specific advice tailored to your situation and should not be treated as such.

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