Divesting Your Domain Name Assets


The process of selling your domain name is untested waters for most people. It’s wise to find a trusted, knowledgeable team of professionals to assist and represent you.

Whether you’re trying to divest corporate domain name assets or you are an individual, you may ask yourself: who is the best to work with? Who will help me get the most out of the sale of my domain name? In a battle of big brands and fancy marketing vs. experience, scale, and grit, who do you trust? Who has your best interests at heart? Those are some of the choices you’ll need to make when you decide who can help you sell a domain name you may have owned for 20 years or more.

Whether you are looking to sell your only domain name or a few hundred or thousand domain names, Uniregistry Brokerage is your best choice.


Uniregistry Brokerage consists of over 40 multi-lingual professional domain name brokers who use advanced tools to capture leads, communicate with potential buyers, and stay connected with you. We are available 20 hours per day, connecting buyers and sellers around the world. With over $200 million in domain name sales since 2013, we understand domain names, how to value them, and the best strategies to sell them. Uniregistry Brokerage and its award-winning services continue to impress, with year over year sales growth of 33.43% for 2016-2018.


You can buy, list, and sell domain names directly online with our web interface, or using our intuitive mobile app. Uniregistry Brokerage is the only professional domain name brokerage service whose app will keep you directly connected to all activity on the sale of your domain name in real time. Communicate directly with your broker and see incoming offers, statistics, and much more in the palm of your hand.


Selling over $200 million dollars of domain names means being connected with a lot of exclusive market information. Uniregistry Brokerage has a vast network of domain name buyers, private domain name sales data, and an intuitive sales system to help you manage and follow up on leads. You, as the seller, have access to detailed stats about inquiries, negotiations, offers, and more on your domain name assets.

Competitive Fees

Uniregistry Brokerage offers an up-front, no-surprises, competitive fee structure on successful domain name sales. There are no fees to list a domain name with Uniregistry Brokerage; fees are only charged on a successful domain name sale. What are those fees?

  • 10% commission on Buy Now offered domain names
  • 15% commission on brokered domain name sales

No Minimum Requirements for Your Domain Name

Most domain name brokers are only interested in selling “the very best” domain names. Not Uniregistry Brokerage! Uniregistry is built for scale. It’s proven to sell domain names at a wide variety of price points, consistently holding the highest average median sales price.


We are real people, just like you. We work hard for our success and are driven to find the best way to serve your needs. Uniregistry Brokerage is here for you.

Not sure how much your domain name is worth? Not sure how sale process works from offer to transfer of ownership to payout? We’re here to help and answer any questions you have.

We hope you choose Uniregistry Brokerage, and we welcome you to try our domain brokerage services free of charge. Get started today at https://uniregistry.com/domain-brokerage

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