Complicated to Simple – Domain Name Forwarding Explained


Domain names are very powerful and multifaceted little rocket engines just waiting to take off. They are also nice multitools waiting to assist you when you have a digital need.

Today we take a complicated situation and make it simple.

Getting from Point A to Point B is often challenging. Informing the masses to get from Point A to Point B in a specific way can easily present communication challenges, but domain names are powerful, actionable tools that can greatly help provide the easy, memorable path that many need.

Domain Name Forwarding

Essentially, domain name forwarding is similar to what a change of address is at the postal service. "I once lived at this address, please forward any incoming mail to my new address," and it just arrives.

In a more modern way, you can communicate a specific domain nameone that is easy to remember and would make sense to the userto a different location that would be harder to remember. It doesn’t have to be a “new address”, this location can simply be a place you wish to direct someone for just about any reason.

Example: Many URLs can be a challenge to remember, due to the length or URL structure like subdomains. If I wanted to direct someone to my LinkedIn page, I would have to inform that person to please visit:

That is a LOT to remember. It's not likely that anyone but a computer could remember that. How can we take a complicated situation and make it simpler, and maybe even more professional looking? With a fitting domain name for the situation and domain name forwarding, that's how!

In my situation, my LinkedIn page is about me. I am Jamie Zoch, so when communicating with somebody and I say my name as a domain name, would make sense to them. It would also be easy to remember and fairly easy to spell.

Since my long URL for my LinkedIn page is not something easily remembered or easily communicated, it is beneficial to use a domain name to direct someone to the longer, more complicated address.

This is a perfect situation to use domain name forwarding.

How to do the forward

At your domain name registrar (Uni or GoDaddy, for example) domain name forwarding is simple, free, and easy. Here are the exact processes at Uni and GoDaddy.

Other uses

The uses for domain name forwarding are almost unlimited really, so just be creative and think about what would be easier for your target audience to arrive at your desired location.

Here's a handy tip: Do not just mention "Find us on X social media site" as directing a user to a domain name is more helpful.  Doing domain name forwarding (also can be referred to as domain name redirecting) for advertising purposes is also a great way to track performance with a few other processes like a server-side redirect and analytics attached; a bit more advanced form of domain forwarding usage.

If a web location does not present well or could be a challenge for somebody to remember, consider using a fitting brand or phrase domain with domain name forwarding to help you achieve your goal.

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