Break Your Domain Routine


One thing I have noticed working in the domain name space for some time now, it’s very easy to get set in a routine and get sucked into just doing that routine day in and day out.

The problem: we live in an ever-changing world and companies die off because they are stuck in routines. The same thing can happen to domain name investors that are constantly staying within the box they feel most comfortable and doing the same daily routine.

Recently I took a step back from my daily routine and focused on new discoveries. I started taking different looks and approaches to similar routines I was doing but from different angles and different data. Something as little as when (time of day) I looked at something made the data and process totally different.

I didn’t have one specific goal, but my idea was to focus on a few different things and learn based on the data I could dig up. I wanted to know exactly how and why. Once I could answer both of those very clearly, I stored my notes for the process.

To my surprise, I was finding a lot of helpful information. I was looking at different, yet publicly available data sets that I hadn’t even considered prior.

There is so much information available to us all with Google, YouTube and general websites overall, there are literal goldmines of data waiting for you to chew on. This includes different angles for you to look at and none of this takes place if you continue to do the same old same old.

  • It will be ok to step back and not do some drop catching.
  • It will be ok to step back and not spend hours and hours on expired domain auctions.
  • It will be ok to put a chill on asking others for domain name appraisals.
  • It will be ok to ignore domain news sites
  • It will be ok to ignore the many social media websites that consume many hours of our days.

After doing it for myself, I wanted to share it with you because it made a big difference. It only takes learning one new thing and it could literally change your life.

Are you set in a daily routine, repeating it over and over and over?

It's very easy to do when you work with domain names, so think about it and do not be afraid to step back and discover new processes, new data and a new perspective on your routine and how you could improve it by learning some new things.

You can even discover things you do not want to do. This was a big one for me and something that I didn’t think of discovering. For me, it involved PendingDelete domains and the general process of digesting the expired domain inventory, which is very time-consuming. Placing backorders at many services and the goose chase making payments at different services, managing the domains at different registrars and the scattered mess of domain inventory it creates.

I also had the very bad experience of essentially “registering a new domain” without whois privacy going onto the domain name I had essentially “registered”. I had no option to place whois privacy on the domain prior to taking ownership of it. This threw my contact details to the wolves. I was literally bombarded with emails and phone calls for website design services, app services, logo services and much, much more. I still am! It truly was and continues to be a nightmare! I easily get 30 phone calls and an equal, if not higher amount of emails because of it.

With 100% certainty, enable whois privacy on any “new registration” because it’s an easy way for people to obtain the data of newly registered domains and to spam the heck out of you.

The one other red flag that didn’t sit well with me playing the PendingDelete game was the one auction I ended up being in. It was me and one other person. I didn’t want to waste time bidding in the auction nor worrying about the auction end time, so I set a proxy bid. Maybe it was just by chance, but I happened to win the domain auction for my full, to the penny, proxy bid. It made me uneasy that took place.

So, changing up my routine made a difference. I discovered things I didn’t like and several things I did like. I found new data to look at and understand processes much better. The data is there, you just need to put your spin on it and try it by breaking out of your daily routine and thinking outside of the box.

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