Brand Aligning Your Domain Name: Why It Matters


Why should your company’s domain name exactly match your branding? Because it simply makes sense!

Building a brand is tough and takes time but having your ducks in a row makes the process much easier. In today’s digital age of instant access and communication, your domain name plays a major role in this. If you brand as one thing and your business domain name is another thing, that’s a problem.

If you are referenced as one thing and your domain name needs to be explained because it’s different and unnatural to a common conversation, you have a nagging issue that needs to be addressed.

Word of Mouth

The best and often most effective form of advertising in the world is word of mouth. The key to easy and effective word of mouth advertising is simplicity. What is the easiest form of information transfer from one person to another that will have lasting effects? Short, sweet, and natural.

The longer the length and harder the spelling, the less likely that somebody will easily remember the keywords of the conversation. Going beyond 3 characters for an acronym or two words increases the likelihood of some part of it being forgotten. If the term is unnatural beyond the conversation and out of a person’s vocabulary, mental blocks take place.

Just like search engines that read left to right, it is much more likely that a human brain will remember the start of the conversation other than the end. Simple keywords stick, like a brand name.

Real-Life Example

I was at parent-teacher conferences the other day and speaking with another dad. In small talk, we were talking about the business he worked for. “I started a new job and work at American Tent. We make and rent custom tents for events.” Going a little bit further into our conversation and his knowledge that I work with domain names, he smiles and said, “yeah, we actually just upgraded our domain name from to the other day”.

This was music to my ears. This is something I have been preaching for 13 years, trying to educate businesses and the importance of short, sweet, brand-aligned domain names to your business.

His conversation started with him telling me he worked at American Tent. It’s a term that I easily remembered. Since he works at American Tent, makes perfect sense. Natural, trusting and easy to share with others. I remembered the name the following day and even the day after that! I remember it today!

Yes, the company’s full business name is American Tent & Sidewall which was actually rebranded from in 2018 after the business was acquired in 2016 by the current owners. After realizing that the old name didn’t align with the new business model and the restrictions it presented, American Tent was born.


Your domain name should be brand aligned to what you brand as or are most commonly referenced as and nothing more. Your domain should make sense, be easily remembered, nonrestrictive and simply natural in conversation as to what you are talking about. The vast majority of the time, the domain should end in .com, because it’s the most commonly used.

 If my conversation involved the full brand name of American Tent And Sidewall, it is much more likely I would forget “and sidewall” or turn sidewall into sidewalls. Something like American Tent & Sidewalls? American Tents And Sidewalls? American Tents & Sides? Is an ampersand something that I can even put in a domain name? Each of those examples provides the potential for customer confusion. You will notice that I added a plural where the company doesn’t use a plural term and used sides instead of sidewall.

Since our conversation was in general small talk, it’s hard to remember small details like a plural or non-plural term. Having “and” in a brand name is just confusing when converting that brand name into a domain name. It opens up potential differences among different users. Usage of "N", "&" and "And" can be visually displayed.

American Tent was the main focal keyword early in the conversation. It’s the brand name that was first referenced. It’s also the easiest to remember and just adding .com to it is natural.

American Tent And Sidewall in Green Bay, WI made a smart business decision investing in the best brand-aligned, brand securing, make-sense domain name for their business now and into the future by acquiring

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