Always Evaluate Domain Offers


Domain name investing is a game of numbers, but the best offer for your domain might not always be the highest one.

Quite often, domain investors expect their return on investment to be a magical number, far exceeding the so-called street value of their domain assets. While there is always an opportunity to break the mold and shine through with a domain sale that stands out beyond all expectations, the average domain sale is pretty much dependent on the generic qualities of the domain: clarity, keyword positivity, and TLD.

With all this in mind, when an offer arrives the first task is to evaluate its worthiness.

By that, I'm referring to the overall potential of the offer in order to become a sale, and not to the offer itself.


So was I, until I learned the art of negotiation, the process of determining how to turn any offer into a higher number. To hit that figure that completes the sale, one needs to evaluate the potential of the person who placed the offer.

The first rule involves being non-reactive towards offers that are far below your expected selling price. If that buyer is qualified, they will soon "see the light" once you begin to justify your asking price. But if you respond with negative commentary to that first low offer, you might as well kiss that potential away.

Be appreciative: Any offer, even one that is below your asking price, should be given credit. Begin your response with a thank you note, and seize the opportunity to describe the domain's qualities, elevating your position. Now will be a great time to counteroffer, if you so desire, but you can pass the ball and anticipate the buyer's reaction to your sales pitch.

A domain offer that arrives from a corporate account or a marketing firm, most likely has bigger potential than one from a generic email address.

One parameter that you should check early on, is whether the offer comes from a domain with a different extension thus establishing direct interest in the domain. Even if the initial offer is low, the mere fact that you possess a better variant of that domain indicates that they would negotiate further.

It's not rare for an inquiry to arrive from a party that then fails to respond to your acknowledgement of their inquiry. Give it a few days, as a rushed second email could signal despair and wait instead for them to reach back to you. Use that time to research their potential and evaluate the worthiness of that inquiry.

Use the tools provided by the Uni Market to research your buyer. If you need assistance, the Uniregistry brokers are eager and qualified to assist you and take over negotiations.

In a nutshell: Evaluate the potential of offers made for your domain names; it's a necessary step in negotiations. Don't treat low offers as unqualified, until you have researched the other party's interest thoroughly and seek the assistance of the capable brokerage team at the Uni Market.

The information contained in this blog is provided for general informational purposes about domains. It is not specific advice tailored to your situation and should not be treated as such.

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