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It all begins with an ending.We have the right extension for everybody.


1,161,406 names

But who's counting? You're not a number at Uniregistry.


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.COM, .NET, and every other name ending in one place. We're adding more each week.

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We built simple tools that work, so you don't have to.

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We shine the light on transfers.

Transferring domains can be frustrating. Uniregistry knows the exact status of your domains and why they get held up. We'll show you the next steps and help resolve the issues quickly.

Tools that work with Uniregistry

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Make a Gmail address with your domain name

Google Apps for Business

Sometimes the most important first impression is the right email address. Instantly get the email for any domain you own, and manage it immediately through Gmail.

Protect yourself with two-step verification and free WHOIS privacy

Secure by Default

Your personal information shouldn't have to be public. Uniregistry accounts use free two-step verification, and every domain name in your account has free WHOIS privacy from Privacy.Link™.

Make it easy for your followers to find you

Social Media Forwarding

Not ready to create your own site? Easily redirect any domain name to your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and LinkedIn, or forward to another domain name.